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This is a question Birthdays

My best birthday so far was my 30th, when I held a Polish Bear Hunting evening in some woods - everyone dressed up in hunting gear, ate a Polish hunting stew round a big fire and then, armed with torches, ran out to find the foil-wrapped chocolate bears I'd hidden in the trees.

My worst so far was my first at university - my birthday was the first official day of term, so I thought there'd be loads of people there to have fun with. No, Cambridge is so posh nobody actually turns up on the first night. I got very drunk with the barman.

What extremes of birthdays have you had?

(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 11:07)
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Not mine...
and in fact, this might've been a Christmas story. So it really has no place here. Anywhom:

My girlfriend's mother awoke on her 10th birthday, full of hope and glee, wondering what wondrous presents would be bestowed upon her. Her parents had promised her something special, and when she got her hands on the carefully wrapped present, she ripped the wrapping paper off in joyous anticipation, to reveal... a man's briefcase. That's right, just what EVERY 10 year old girl wants as her main present from her parents - a briefcase.
As far as I know, the only time that the briefcase has been surpassed, was the time she spent a few hours giving birth to the girlfriend I mentioned earlier.
Yay for Birthdays!
(, Wed 14 Dec 2005, 19:49, Reply)

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