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This is a question Birthdays

My best birthday so far was my 30th, when I held a Polish Bear Hunting evening in some woods - everyone dressed up in hunting gear, ate a Polish hunting stew round a big fire and then, armed with torches, ran out to find the foil-wrapped chocolate bears I'd hidden in the trees.

My worst so far was my first at university - my birthday was the first official day of term, so I thought there'd be loads of people there to have fun with. No, Cambridge is so posh nobody actually turns up on the first night. I got very drunk with the barman.

What extremes of birthdays have you had?

(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 11:07)
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My 21st
sat in front of the telly with a couple of girly friends, watched pokemon the movie and had chinese takeaway. Yes, I am all teh party animal.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 14:22, Reply)
Twenty One Today
I spent my 21st with some friends at Swansea University. Most of the day was pretty nondescript, consisting mostly of drinking beer, stealing traffic cones, etc - general stuff students do in the belief that they're the funniest and most original people yet born.

That evening was spent in the student union bar, where three of my friends independently decided to spike my beer with vodka and keep it quiet. Thus it came to pass that at five minutes to closing time, already an incoherent wreck, I had three pints lined up in front of me - containing seven measures of vodka. I was encouraged of course to polish these off as fast as possible.

I downed them one after the other and turned round to the nice young lady sat next to me, intent on impressing her not only with my drinking prowess but also my wit and charm (which with hindsight consisted mostly of me bellowing "I'm fuckin' twenny one, you.... CUNTS!" at all and sundry)

Except I couldn't even manage that - I faced her, opened my mouth, and promptly projectile vomited all over her.

(NB this was the second time I'd met this girl. The first time we met I, um, was sick on her).

The bar emptied very quickly and I staggered out covered in vomitus intent on eating a kebab - drunken logic here - which I was convinced would settle my stomach. Somehow I bought one, found my way back to my friends' place, and sat down at the table to eat it. I then proceeded to immediately pass out, my face fell into the kebab, I threw up into it, and I pissed myself.

I awoke the next morning on the upstairs landing, stark naked, with a cheese grater in my hand and my head resting on a dead chicken.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 14:21, Reply)
Not my best or worst birthday, but a good story.

I was so looking forward to buying my first legal booze. I went to the local liquor store, and picked out the most expensive thing they had, a $30 bottle of Grand Marnier (it wasn't a very high end liquor store - it was on an Indian reservation), which I wasn't going to open until a very special occaision.

The girl rang me up without checking my ID. "Oh, man," I said, "I've been legal 12 hours and you don't even card me."

"Oh," she said, "I thought you were way over 21."

Could have been buying the whole time...
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 14:10, Reply)
Worst birthday...
you'd think it would be my 18th earlier this year, what with having a maths exam that day (more specifically, an english lesson first thing in the morning, then sitting completely on my own the next few hours waiting for the exam, THEN having the exam), but it was actually quite good in the end. Had tea and cake with my family when I got home, then went to the boyfriend's house to have masses of chinese takeaway, as my brithday also happens to be his dad's. And they gave me a graphics tablet, yay.

Had my party the following Saturday with my entire extended family and a dozen or so friends at the local football club as my dad's mate runs the bar... hence all my underage friends being allowed to drink, and better still, not having to pay for the privilege. I kind of ruined it for myself by not being sufficiently drunk and fretting about nibbles and things, like I always do. Oh, and my brother got paralytic and spent the rest of the night throwing up loudly next to my head. Ah well.

Back to the point, my worst was probably when I had pneumonia and had to cancel my bowling party. Must have been about 10 or 11.

Best... maybe my 17th last year. Threw an ace sleepover party at my house, got very very drunk and generally had fun with my mates, and it snowed the next morning (very rare in this part of England) so we played in the snow outside. Completely nuts.

Next year I think I'll just go to the pub. Much less effort.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 14:04, Reply)
Don't remember having any bad un's which is pretty good I spose!
My best was my 30th though without doubt.

Got a free trip to Prague staying in a plush hotel cos my ex girlfriends company had hit target for the year and it coincided with my birthday, yay!

Then to top it off she'd organised a surprise party for me in a 16 room country house in the Lake District and managed to keep it secret from me for 3 months.

3 nights of drink and drug fueled idiocy followed, fucking ace!
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 14:00, Reply)
Best & Worst
Worst - I was 12, I desperately wanted a toy typewriter so I could play secretaries, & for my main present, my mother bought me a sleeping bag. I was not an avid camper at this age, and not a happy child on my birthday.

Best - 20th, Bradford, good music, mind altering substances, projectile vomitting on the shoes of someone I didn't like, then ending up on Ilkley Moor at 4am with a man that defines the phrase 'I love me' trying to wave in aircraft with glowsticks & flourescent trousers.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 14:00, Reply)
Worst and best
I have a collection of bad birthdays but nothing particularly serious, just rather boring times in the pub playing pool and drinking (like my 18th). My 30th was particularly memorable for being crap.

I was doing a degree as a mature student and as my birthday falls in June, I had an exam on the day and another at 9.30am the next morning. My friends were in a similar situation and nobody wanted to be out drinking the night before the exam. So I stayed at home thinking that I'd enjoy the England - Portugal group game from Euro 2000.

England went up 2-0 in the first 20 minutes but then fell apart and ended up losing 3-2 in a pretty dreadful performance. I treated myself to a can of beer for each half and did some revision before and after the game. Hooray, what fun.

My best birthday would be the most recent one, spending time with my better half when she made me a sponge cake that had the consistency of a fruit cake, the icing didn't set and she'd drawn a motorbike on the top with green food dye that ran through the icing. I honestly couldn't have asked for more and we had a great laugh despite both of us being out of work and penniless. I love her.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:49, Reply)
29th and 21st
Spent my 29th birthday shitting blood. Which was nice.

21st was the usual mix of ten pin bowling, drinking heavily, Burger King food fight / barracking staff and then onto nightclub where everyone proceeded to get thrown out one by one for being too pissed. Truly made special by lack of blood emanating from my arse. Didn't get a shag either.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:48, Reply)
Best / Worst
Best: Big fancy dress party at my house with all my friends and everyone dressed up with hats and moustaches (even the girls) and wore black (don't ask). It didn't finish until the next morning, and much fun was had by all. Especially me.
Worst: Last birthday. Family came around, drank my booze, ate my food, talked all night about each other and then buggered off without even mentioning my birthday or giving me a present! .....you can't choose your family.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:45, Reply)
A Polish Bear Hunting evening?

For fucks sake.....
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:44, Reply)
17th September
Best has to be my 21st where I had a joint party with the now ex. Everyone should get all there friends and family together in one room with alcohol and music at least once! We did a playlist for the DJ and spent the whole night dancing to indie and rock to the bemusement of various older relatives who didn't recognise any of the tunes. Although they joined in later on when the drink got flowing. The ex's dad went to France the wknd before so we could get champagne for everyone.

In close competition for best is my 19th when I went up town with my mates and no one took ID. I said we should call it a night when we got turned away but instead my mates mom picked us up and took us to all of our houses to get our ID. Felt really cool that my friends were prepared to do that for me and cheers to my mates mom.

And the worst? Well on my 5th there was a postal strike= no pressies or cards as family all quite far away. On my 16th I had to work and thought I must be having the shittest day ever waitressing for rude idiots then I heard Paula Yates died so I guess someone had a worse day. Finally on my 18th it was the petrol blockade- my birthday present? Driving lessons. Had to wait a month!
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:39, Reply)
My 25th birthday fell on a Friday, but the plan was to have the mashup on the Saturday. This meant my actual birthday was spent drinking a few pints and arranging the entertainment (4 grams of gak) for the next day. Anyway, the deal is done but the pints I've consumed suggest I go and buy a 10-draw on the mean streets of Clapham to smoke when I get home. On CCTV. Nice one CBE.

This completed, I wait at the bus stop. A black maria pulls up. Nuff police jump out of it, and run at the crowd - I think "some chief's fucked". 10 seconds later, held against the wall, I realised it was me.

"What's this?"
"4 grams of cocaine. It's my birthday"

So, Brixton nick was full (surprise) and I get taken to Belgravia. Spent the night in the cells. Counted all the tiles on the wall and tried to sleep. Interviewed, gave a statement, finally bailed to return in 6 weeks. Did so, was bailed again. And again. And again. And.. received a letter saying 'No evidence found. All charges dropped'. Result! I hope some copper work experience lab tech had a top weekend off my supplies.

The Saturday night turned out quality too.

Remember kids, you'll probably get away with it.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:38, Reply)
happy birthday Reedkiller!
haaand maaanyyy moooooooooooooooooorrrreeee! :)
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:36, Reply)
Fray Brentos
Long Dong Silver is right. January birthdays are rubbish. Mine falls about 2-3 days before everyone gets paid which generally means that the presents are shite, no-one comes out for drinks and i've got no money to submerge my sorrows. I can only wonder if i'd experience a better treatment were my birthday to fall on a more financially agreeable time of year. i.e. a week later. Probably not.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:35, Reply)
2005 sucked
My girlfriend's birthday is April 20, same day as Hitler's. It's easy to remember, but the ugly thing is that our anniversary is April 18. So that's two dates in one week where I have to be the A1 boyfriend. The anniversary came around and she realised I hadn't gotten her anything yet. It got ugly, so I ran out and bought her everything I could for her birthday. I ended up with four gifts, but one of them was just a page ripped from a catalogue with a circle around a DVD player. She was a movie buff so I thought it would be nice, but I didn't have the money at the time.

Fast-forward to early November, and my birthday. I still hadn't bought the DVD player, though I now had the money for it. I came home from work a little late, as we'd had a fight the night before. The door was locked from the inside, in a way that my keys couldn't open. I banged on the door, shouted through the mail slot, dialed her cell, but she wasn't answering. She had to be there, because the doors were locked from the inside.

By now the neighbours had heard, so I went out of the building, thinking of a way to break in. The laundry room window of our neighbours' was right next to ours, so I figured it would be easiest to swing from there over into my place. So I knocked on the door of my neighbours and explained the plan. Although I wanted to go, my neighbour ended up climbing across.

A minute later, he let me in. My girlfriend was lying, unconscious, right inside the front door. I found a torn scarf next to her, and quickly figured out what had happened. I hid the scarf from our neighbours. They helped me wake her up, and she finally convinced them that she was okay. Then I found a suicide note sitting on top of my computer (the one I'm currently typing on). It turns out she'd tried to hang herself but the scarf broke. This is understating the obvious, but that was my worst birthday ever.

On the bright side, she bought me a record player, which was the perfect gift. If it hadn't arrived that day and been sitting in the doorway, I could have seen her crumpled form through the mail slot.

Just let me have a check here...no, I'm not Stusut. Sorry.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:32, Reply)
Miles from anywhere
I spent my 34th birthday in Rarotonga, in the South Pacific, mostly swimming in the tropical lagoon. Not in the buff like Rosalita though - much as I like that sort of thing they don't look kindly on it in that part of the world, unlike the French :-)

Thousands of miles from anywhere, tropical sun, desert island, no mobile phones. Tremendous.

They've gone and spoiled it now by building a mobile phone network. Still, I can always switch mine off if I go back.

By way of contrast, last year I forgot about my own birthday. I went off to work, and it was only when I was writing the date in my log book that its significance became apparent, and I realised I'd a pile of presents at home I'd forgotten to open!

Must be getting old.....
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:29, Reply)
It's actualy
my b-day today! Really - Im 19
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:25, Reply)
Not my birthday
It's my mate's birthday this weekend so we're going to crawl as many Sam Smiths pub as we can in central London, starting at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. We're strong in numbers, rich in funds of humourous anecdote and i can down a pint of lager in less than 3 seconds. And all this being fuelled by Sam Smith's tasty range of beers. Not a Fosters, Stella or John Smith's in sight. *burp*
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:19, Reply)
31st August
Worst: my 15th. the day Princess Diana died. thought friends mum was havin some kind of sick joke, but no, there was no music on the radio and it was all that was on the tv.

Best: could b 20th. at uni,was workin and came home to find a bunch of mates had decorated my flat and cooked a meal - lots of drink a smartie cake and weed. good fun!
21st was good too despite my family bein out the country. still at uni. dyed my hair pink,bought a new boob revealin dress.drank WAY too much,went to fatties(must have been drunk but at least it wasn't mardi)pulled a guy i had fancied for a while.threw up outside the salvation army on the way home (aforementioned guy was beside me holdin my shoes coz i can't walk in heels).had bad sex (could have been the alcohol but most likely was the lack of length)and woke up the next day to builders puttin in a new bath.
am plannin a pirates and princesses themed party for my 25th. plan on drinkin lots of rum!!and at least i know the sex will be good.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:17, Reply)
Born in january means
every birthday from 16 to 21 fell in the middle of an exam period.

On my 18th I had the flu, and managed just one pint and a shot before the pain of swallowing outweighed the pleasure of drinking. I also took a lot of nightnurse around this time, which led to some spaced out hullucinations!

My 21st fell on an exam day, do did the exam, hit the bar at 11/30, had a few and then went home to revise for the exam the following day.

The parties which occured about 3 weeks after the actual birthday were quality, much fancy dress (Cowboys and Indians) and much alcohol consumed. Uni rocks!
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:11, Reply)
this am a good qotw
worst? my fiance and one of my best mates, who also shares the same birthday as me, and had organised the weekend long jaunt for us both, announcing that they were in love. cue sound of world crashing down. actually the best thing that could have happened, we all seem pretty happy now (2 and a bit years later) and i have a fantastic new love. and the two of them are some of the people i care about most in the world.

best? walking the hills behind my home in the lakes getting gently stoned, drinking whiskey and listening to ozric tentacles on a stunning may bankholiday with just myself for company. think it was my 21st. will never forget that day.

in fact, thank you for reminding me again.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:10, Reply)
it was my birthdaty last sunday, it was ok so....
My bestest was my 25th, night in the pub with all my mates, everyone taking it in turns buying me Champagne! some buying me Moet, some Cava! I met me wife that night although I didn't get her name until the morning after at breakfast!

My worst birthday ever story started 6 days before my 7th Birthday, that day was a friends birthday party and I fell off the climbing frame and landed on my wrist. I was a very brave boy and I didn't cry so my parents didn't think it was that serious so just did a half arsed bandage job. 6 days later on the morning of my birthday one of the bones in my wrist ripped through my skin so we went to hospital for the first time and I spent my whole birthday waiting to have surgery, having surgery and recovering from the shock of having surgery.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:10, Reply)
Bouncy bonanza
My best birthday was my 18th, which was a joint celebration with a couple of friends. we hired the village hall in Gittisham in devon, got a bouncy castle inside, had a room for twister, had jelly and ice cream and got very pissed. we got the milk distribution company Milk Marque to sponsor us and we had branded balloons and banners everywhere. and later we got in to a lot of trouble with the gittisham village hall commitee as we tried to clean the hall by hovering up the jelly. not a good idea.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:09, Reply)
Not me, but a friend (no really!)
My friend (yeah, really) could have been born on any of the 365 days of the year, just like anyone else, (Im excluding leap years, so if anyone feels like being a pedant, then don't!) so what date was he born? SEPTEMBER 11th!
Ok, so that was in 1982, but of all the dates to be born!
I suppose his most memorable birthday would be the one in 2001, for some strange reason, everyone was distracted, he did not like that one bit!
At least nobody will forget his birthday ever again! "Now, what was that date again???"
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:05, Reply)
Mine bad, wife's good
My birthday being in the depths of Winter and organised by Mrs Lardy, I tend to have lousy birthdays. Occasionally I manage to have particularly bad ones. 20th - stuck hundreds of miles from home, in out of season Exmouth, drinking alone in an empty pub. 21st -girlfriend of time turning up with a new chap. 31st the food poisoning birthday, campylobacter and stool samples (wonderful way to spend a fortnight eh greykid?).

Mrs Lardy, her birthday in August and organised by me, tends to have great birthdays. 40th in South of France, with 12 friends for a week. And the best one yet, Moulin Rouge fancy dress party, with films being projected onto side of the house, drinking absinthe and champagne in the garden until 4am.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 13:04, Reply)
Just remembered another one, when I was 6 I was due to have a big party, all my friends from my crappy little village school were coming, and my mum had prepared lots of jelly, sausage rolls, a cake, and everything else a 6 year-old could want for a party. About two hours before it was due to start, however, my best friend's mum called to say that my mate couldn't come, he had chicken pox. The phone went again, another mum saying her kid had the pox. The phone rang constantly for an hour or so, and it seemed pretty much every kid in the village had the pox and so couldn't come. The whole event looked like it was going to be a washout. Then my mum noticed the little red spots appearing on me...

She called everyone back and got them to send their kids anyway, since we were all infected it wouldn't make much difference. So my first ever themed party was a chicken pox party.

When everyone had gone at the end of the day, it was discovered that my older sister now had chicken pox, despite avoiding the party and all the infected kids. Result.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 12:58, Reply)
Unlucky for some...
My thirteenth.

We went to see Diamonds are Forever at the cinema. My older sister was so impressed by the way James Bond despatched the gay assassins in the final reel, she tried out the same "hands-yanked-under-the-crotch" move on me. Oh how it worked. Over I went, head first, rendering me concussed and vomiting on the pavement.

When we finally arrived home via the doctor's surgery, we found the woman next door in hysterics, and her husband dangling on the end of a rope in the garage. His birthday present to me being a blue face, eyes on stalks and a huge, dead trouser bulge.

I never got a present from my grandparents, either - it got blown up by the IRA in a post office bombing in Belfast. Meanwhile, my main present from my parents was - at the time my best mate was heavily into Led Zep - The Muppet Show album.

Ungrateful, moi?
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 12:55, Reply)
Best and worse
So far it had to be my 21st, or the four 21sts that were held in my honour.

I had a suprise 21st with my edinburgh flat mates, that my then g/f [now ex-mrs] organised. I got a bikers leather and an 1/8th of hash! result!

I then had two more back home, one with the rels [where I left the biggest tip to a waiter I have ever left anyone ever] and one for all my non uni friends. Then back to uni and a further night out, for everyone!

My 37th is looming and looks to be the worst of my life unless I find a lady friend to share my man milk with. Not enjoying being single, boo nay!
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 12:44, Reply)
not my birthday but a mates
We all went out to get my mate pissed. He got so pissed he went home early. the rest of us all went back to another mates house and continued drinking all the spirits in the booze cupboard, everything from that blackcurrant flavour stuff to whisky.
Then I decided to have a drinking contest with a mate(he's 6ft 6, i'm 5ft 10). I lost big time and ended up passed out in the toilet with my trousers round my ankles. My mates thought this was hilarious and threw wet kitchen roll at me. Everyone else was having fun drinking (at a slower rate than me)until one of them cut their head and an ambulance was called, when the butch lesbian paramedics got there they asked whether they were here for me. Oh no, they were there for the 14(maybe 15)year old girl, in a house full of drunk 18 year old blokes.
I remember very little of this night and woke up confused and covered in damp kitchen roll. i pulled my trousers up, stumbled out of the toilet and fell over,where i stayed for about an hour as i tried to remember how my legs worked.
Everything after i passed out was told to me by my less drunk mates. The 14 year old had nothing to do with me, honest. i was still pissed the next day and i still can't drink spirits.
apologies for all of teh words
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 12:43, Reply)
My dad mostly never remembers when my birthday is
My birthdays tend to get rather weird when my Dad gets involved. Two in every three times he forgets when my birthday is, and phones to ask me - it's 50 / 50 for him phoning before and after the date in question.

Several years back Dad phoned me a week after my birthday, to ask when it was and arranged to visit me. Upon the visit he bought me a box of car tools, which I didn't want or understand what they were for. He then borrowed them from me several days later and I never saw them until I recieved them for my birthday the next year, again a week late, but this time there were tools missing from it and oily thumb prints on the box.

I'm 33 and he has missed my birthday for about 2/3s of my life.
(, Fri 9 Dec 2005, 12:28, Reply)

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