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This is a question Black sheep of the family II

Freddie Woo says: I was a bit friendly with this chap was once on Jeremy Kyle for what he called "brother and sister problems". He was such a family outcast they made him sleep in the shed. Tell us about your family black sheep.

(, Thu 20 Feb 2014, 13:10)
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My family don't really have a black sheep to think of, however, whatever issues may arise are nothing to worry about compared to my friends uncle...
...an alcoholic smack head, who is currently residing in prison after an altercation with a man of similar class and stature. The outcome of this event was the uncle in question throwing a man out of a window several storeys up, then casually perambulating down to ground level to set the near lifeless body on fire, which he watched until the arrival of the police. Anyway, they shunned him because he moved to Aberdeen.
(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 10:25, 9 replies)
Fucking hell, Aberdeen?
I don't blame them.
(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 10:46, closed)
The home of the Gove
And look what happened to him ...
(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 10:47, closed)
Doctor, doctor,
my Accord's on MASSIVE DRUGS.
(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 17:26, closed)
hahaha yeah hahahaha

(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 17:48, closed)
i no rite?
(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 18:56, closed)
Oh hahahaha

(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 19:03, closed)

(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 21:33, closed)

(, Sat 22 Feb 2014, 22:00, closed)
That is not the correct way to deal with a drug dealer in a high-rise situation.

(, Sun 23 Feb 2014, 13:14, closed)

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