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This is a question Body Mods

This week we hand the honours over to DippyFi, who asks:

"Got your girlfriend stuck on your Prince Albert? Had an argument with your tattoo artist mid-tattoo? Piercing mysteriously dissolved the cartilege in your ear? Or worse: decided to pierce yourself while you were drunk? Go on, I wanna hear all the gory details!"

The closest I've got to body piercing was when a friend stuck a sodding gardening fork through my right hand. It wasn't a good look to be honest.

(, Thu 30 Nov 2006, 23:02)
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Sweaty Middlesbrough Man
In my first year of uni I was hammered & decided that I wanted a tattoo and that I wasn't really interested what it was of.

Normally these things don't seem like such a good idea the next morning, not this time, I went down to the grottiest, dodgiest tattoo shop in boro, it was in some basement, really dark, people smoking weed, loads of fat goths sitting around looking grumpy.

I spent about 5 minutes picking from the wall, decided to get some abstract sort of tribal symbol, 9 inches right on the upper spine. Sat down and this *massive* sweaty guy in a wheelchair comes over, with more metal on his face than face, takes him about an hour or something (by far the most painful thing I've ever done, and I've fractured my coccyx skiing ffs).

After I was kind of in a daze, wasn't really sure what was going on, I went to boots & bought more skin healing cream than I could carry, so also bought a ruck-sack, then went to whsmith & bought a pen, and paid by credit card, then did the same with a huge bar of chocolate.

After all that I pretty much had the worst "buyers remorse" ever, what with just about everyone either laughing at me or being "dissapointed". Noone told me what to expect with healing, I was leaving bloody imprints of it on everything I touched for a week or so, then it started regularly shedding black scabs for another 2 weeks, I guess it sounds pretty normal now, but I was crapping myself.

Anyway 5 years later its good as new, girlfriend loves it, noone else really see's it, best decision ever!!.
(, Mon 4 Dec 2006, 21:17, Reply)

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