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This is a question Bugs and feature requests

Found a problem on B3ta? Want other features that we don't currently offer? Type your ideas here with your finger-mouths. (We don't promise we'll act on any of it, but we will read it and your words could even prompt us into action.)

(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 11:48)
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Title not relevant. I've got embedded videos hidden, but for some reason they're showing again.
(, Fri 21 Jun 2019, 23:38, 2 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
free drimble!

This latest beater site "upgrade" has proper fucked the talk page on mobile. The only way to cut out minute long refreshes was to open a thread in a new tab, and you can't even do that now because it displays as archived, preventing replies.
(, Fri 21 Jun 2019, 12:38, 1 reply, 2 months ago)
Maybe not really a bug but
'I like this' is no longer a visited link and I don't know why this is bothering me but it is.

Can't see which posts I've liked, I guess.
(, Fri 26 Apr 2019, 18:24, 1 reply, 3 weeks ago)
Star Wars.

(, Fri 26 Apr 2019, 17:32, Reply)
The word "friend" now looks like it's spelled wrong

(, Thu 18 Apr 2019, 8:12, Reply)
the link to /talk in the site header is missing
but /talk is still there

not sure which is the bug tbh, but I guess that's your arena...
(, Mon 1 Apr 2019, 17:51, 3 replies, latest was 5 months ago)
search is broken
and /board smells of gone-off ham
(, Wed 27 Mar 2019, 23:44, Reply)
search is broken

(, Wed 20 Mar 2019, 12:56, 3 replies, latest was 5 months ago)
Tags aren't automatically closed
and can we have a undo button
(, Fri 15 Feb 2019, 21:31, 1 reply, 4 months ago)
People have been banned for posting jokes on the "Sorry, I've Written A Joke" qotw.
Must be a bug, rather than a feature.
(, Wed 19 Dec 2018, 15:32, 55 replies, latest was 3 months ago)
I think there might be a bug/problem with the site

(, Tue 4 Dec 2018, 13:37, 1 reply, 9 months ago)
Going back thru pages...
I get five pages back from the current page...on the 6th page I get nothing but blank pages. Yes, I ought to read the board more often but...
(, Tue 6 Nov 2018, 13:46, Reply)

(, Tue 23 Oct 2018, 17:50, Reply)
The asian woman who runs the milk bar near me has had the same newborn baby (we call it suckling) for nearly 7 years now
is there a number we can call?
(, Tue 31 Jul 2018, 21:31, Reply)
search is broken

(, Thu 14 Jun 2018, 13:23, Reply)
Reinstate the b3ta/talk link on the main nav

(, Tue 22 May 2018, 20:24, 1 reply, 1 year ago)
bug. when you try to skip to 'older links' or 'next page' you end up jumping past some in a mysterious nether land...
(, Wed 16 May 2018, 14:16, Reply)
what I was trying to say is...I vote on challenges but I do not necessarily want to keep a log of every single thing i 'liked'. The record I have of posts etc I enjoyed is partly...transient, with only some I want to archive for future reference so... can it ever be possible to delete one's own archived likes ( but maybe not the actual 'vote' made at the time).
Then, when I'm scrolling down my private list of likes, I don't have to scroll through every single one ever, just the ones that i chose to bookmark.
i think.
(, Tue 15 May 2018, 15:46, Reply)
Perhaps a part of the site for people to just chat and not post images.
Maybe call it /chat or something. I dunno.
(, Mon 14 May 2018, 18:52, Reply)
Live video chat please. It's 2018, nobody posts on message boards any more.

(, Thu 15 Feb 2018, 13:40, Reply)
Can I have a cheese board please?

(, Sun 28 Jan 2018, 18:29, Reply)
sort the calendar out
the children have been at it with their crayons again and it's flup. Bit tricky to find anything genuine/bash
(, Fri 12 Jan 2018, 15:03, 5 replies, latest was 2 years ago)

(, Tue 9 Jan 2018, 23:34, Reply)

Massively impossible no doubt, but something to delete some of our archive of likes or at least order them. There's stuff we click by mistake or regretfully so have to scroll through the archive to get to the bits we really really like.. We could still have a tally of likes so that it shows the actual engagement,,,ifyouseewhadimean?
soz and ta
(, Tue 9 Jan 2018, 18:23, 1 reply, 2 years ago)

(, Sun 7 Jan 2018, 16:15, 3 replies, latest was 2 years ago)
Can we have a feature that lets you review previous versions of your posts after you change them like on wikipedia please?
Sometimes I change what I've written but then decide that I liked it better the way I typed it the first time.

And what's the deal with /links posts?
(, Tue 2 Jan 2018, 16:21, Reply)
Somethings gone wrong with the main QOTW
I am only seeing up to August.
I think the site is broken.
(, Sun 31 Dec 2017, 18:28, Reply)
I like fishcakes. Can we have a board based on fishcakes.
(, Mon 30 Oct 2017, 21:26, 2 replies, latest was 1 year ago)
Any chance of a newsletter?
A monthly one would be ok if you can't be arsed to do a weekly one
(, Sun 22 Oct 2017, 13:23, 1 reply, 1 year ago)

(, Wed 20 Sep 2017, 16:31, 1 reply, 2 years ago)

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