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This is a question Bugs and feature requests

Found a problem on B3ta? Want other features that we don't currently offer? Type your ideas here with your finger-mouths. (We don't promise we'll act on any of it, but we will read it and your words could even prompt us into action.)

(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 11:48)
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I added myself as a friend
and now I can't remove me
(, Mon 24 Jan 2022, 8:07, Reply)
Scrolling down on the front page bug
On my phone, if I scroll down on the front page (in Safari), I get taken to the main board. It’s really fucking annoying.
(, Tue 11 Jan 2022, 10:28, 3 replies, latest was 5 days ago)
Make /talk great again
I’m sure it’s simply an oversight but it would appear that all links to the hive of stimulating conversation, known as /chat have been purged from this venerable institution.

I, on behalf of my fellow members of this esteemed establishment politely request that said links be reinstated forthwith at your earliest convenience.

Good day Sir
(, Sat 8 Jan 2022, 14:22, 8 replies, latest was 1 week ago)
I just tried to post an hilarious new joke on the "I'm Sorry I've Written A Joke" forum,
but it doesn't appear when I press "post this message". Is there a fault, or have I been sandboxed for breaking another imaginary rule?
(, Fri 24 Dec 2021, 10:08, 4 replies, latest was 4 weeks ago)
Please make diankale a mod

(, Thu 23 Dec 2021, 12:49, Reply)
The message archive is broken for talk
Also the user Glued_Eel doesn't post any more, can you make him post again?
(, Thu 23 Dec 2021, 12:37, Reply)
Please can you add an obituaries section to the newsletter.
I've noticed a lot of previous b3ta regulars have stopped posting and it would be nice to know if they've died or not.
(, Tue 26 Oct 2021, 20:57, Reply)
how about changing the header link for Qotw to something more apt?
It's been unchanged for over three years and it's never looked at by site admin except to ban people who answer it.
(, Fri 22 Oct 2021, 19:03, Reply)
I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit.
It's the only way to be sure.
(, Thu 9 Sep 2021, 9:28, Reply)
I can't log in on Chrome on my phone.
Every other device is fine, and I'm logged in on the Samsung browser no problem. I'm not losing any sleep over it, but it's odd.
(, Mon 23 Aug 2021, 18:09, Reply)
Rename Off Topic as "Death Notices"
because that's all it's been for about 5 years now.
(, Tue 11 May 2021, 8:54, Reply)
How about a B3ta Easter Egg hunt?
You could hide favourite B3ta memes and characters around the site and the put clues to where they are on the FAQ page. First person to find them all gets to be top mod for a year.
(, Sat 3 Apr 2021, 9:48, 1 reply, 10 months ago)
Can we have a mofaha removed from the site please

(, Wed 24 Mar 2021, 22:32, Reply)
Can we have a mofaha added to the site please

(, Mon 22 Mar 2021, 12:18, Reply)
actually a thanks, rather than a feature request
I had to recreate these huge formatted reference lists for some online learning, but had to strip out their shitty formatting and rebuild it in html. I needed to create hyperlinks for all the http references in there, which would have been tedious to do individually. then I remembered the "linkify" button that did exactly what I needed, without having to write some regex replacer myself. So as a lazy programmer, thanks b3ta
(, Thu 3 Sep 2020, 2:21, Reply)
gaz is broken

(, Thu 13 Aug 2020, 19:16, 3 replies, latest was 2 months ago)
I can't find the talk board the FAQ mentions. I'm struggling to keep up with the pace of the main board and I like the idea of a nice place to talk where I don't have to worry about intolerant people.

(, Thu 30 Jul 2020, 18:41, Reply)
Non-video links board please.
So it wouldn't be intrusive others around you.
(, Sun 21 Jun 2020, 22:16, 1 reply, 2 years ago)
if a qotw post has no replies, it's possible to reply to it
if it has replies, it's not possible to add a direct reply
(, Mon 8 Jun 2020, 15:48, 1 reply, 1 year ago)

(, Mon 16 Mar 2020, 11:17, Reply)
Not really a feature request, more of an idea
I'd like to see a site called Protestits, which is just pictures of women who get their tits out to protest various causes
(, Tue 19 Nov 2019, 0:16, Reply)
The stats page has no random quote. I enjoyed making a story out of them and now I can't because the stats page has no random quote.

(, Wed 13 Nov 2019, 10:51, 3 replies, latest was 7 months ago)
Title not relevant. I've got embedded videos hidden, but for some reason they're showing again.
(, Sat 22 Jun 2019, 0:38, 2 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
free drimble!

This latest beater site "upgrade" has proper fucked the talk page on mobile. The only way to cut out minute long refreshes was to open a thread in a new tab, and you can't even do that now because it displays as archived, preventing replies.
(, Fri 21 Jun 2019, 13:38, 1 reply, 3 years ago)
Maybe not really a bug but
'I like this' is no longer a visited link and I don't know why this is bothering me but it is.

Can't see which posts I've liked, I guess.
(, Fri 26 Apr 2019, 19:24, 1 reply, 2 years ago)
Star Wars.

(, Fri 26 Apr 2019, 18:32, Reply)
The word "friend" now looks like it's spelled wrong

(, Thu 18 Apr 2019, 9:12, Reply)
the link to /talk in the site header is missing
but /talk is still there

not sure which is the bug tbh, but I guess that's your arena...
(, Mon 1 Apr 2019, 18:51, 3 replies, latest was 3 years ago)
search is broken
and /board smells of gone-off ham
(, Wed 27 Mar 2019, 23:44, Reply)
search is broken

(, Wed 20 Mar 2019, 12:56, 3 replies, latest was 3 years ago)

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