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This is a question Bugs and feature requests

Found a problem on B3ta? Want other features that we don't currently offer? Type your ideas here with your finger-mouths. (We don't promise we'll act on any of it, but we will read it and your words could even prompt us into action.)

(, Wed 1 Nov 2006, 11:48)
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I honestly belleve
the camp-out of /QOTW by some pretty verminous trolls has reached the point that its time to ban replies to messages on there - go back to how it seems early QOTWs were, where you could only reply to the original question.

Might just save it from becoming worse.
Seriously guys, you have to do something unless you;re just giving up on this site.
(, Sat 30 Aug 2014, 11:29, 7 replies, latest was 7 years ago)
How will this stop all the abuse?
It'll just spread it out over more posts rather than concentrating it in one or two threads
(, Sat 30 Aug 2014, 13:44, Reply)

the only worthwhile part of QOTW is the 'Popular' page after the Question has closed - this would exclude all the bullshit replies from that section. It would also give the eyes of moderators a real insight into the crap being added to, and damaging, this website.

Mostly, it would also fulfill the failed motive of Ignore 2.0 by totally denying interaction between the blockee and the blocker

(Ignore 2.0 has a big loophole in that you can still reply (by logging out then in) to people who have blocked you - something else which I feel urgently needs correcting)
(, Sat 30 Aug 2014, 17:04, Reply)
#bafr is not for bloobloo pricks, please use the replies section of QOTW

(, Sat 30 Aug 2014, 15:41, Reply)
get bent

(, Sat 30 Aug 2014, 18:11, Reply)
If ignore2.0 worked properly, this website would be full of people like you
and everyone would be happy
(, Sun 31 Aug 2014, 22:09, Reply)
Just wondering what makes you think you speak for anybody but your spasticulated self.

(, Wed 3 Sep 2014, 21:14, Reply)

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