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This is a question How I Skive Off Work

Admit it. No one does any work these days. It's all looking at crappy websites with your thumb hanging over alt tab incase the boss walks over. Tell us your best methods of skiving, and any resultant incidents. (Maybe your slacking off has got someone sacked, or resulted in a large scale industrial accident.)

(, Wed 27 Apr 2005, 15:53)
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building site skive.
i was a clerk on three building sites for Birse Construction.

Rather obviously i just told each of the three site managers that i was busy on one of the other sites. i spent massive amounts of time sleeping in my car at various scenic spots.

also obviously i got the sack.

however the stupid cow who was my boss told me to clear my office.

i cleared it all right..i sold the desk, chair and phone. threw all the files in the skip and took the desk fan home.
(, Fri 29 Apr 2005, 2:52, Reply)

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