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"Here in my car", said 80s pop hero Gary Numan, "I feel safest of all". He obviously never shared the same stretch of road as me, then. Automotive tales of mirth and woe, please.

(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 12:34)
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I'm the only person in the country to have benefited from the Iceland volcano...
I sold my car last weekend. It was a 1994 Japanese import Toyota Supra, and I sold it to a fellow member of the Supra owner's club, who came over from Belgium, such was his desire to buy it (and the relatively low number of decent examples there are left now).

Due to arranging everything in extreme haste (I posted on the forum on Saturday that I was thinking of selling my car, he messaged me and told me he was interested, and it was a done deal by 1pm on Sunday), he didn't have a chance to convert his Euros into dear old English Sterling. We agreed a price of £2700, I Googled conversion rates on my phone and took 3050 Euros off him. Lovely jubbly! On Monday however, I realised my textbook error: I'd failed to take into account the difference I'd failed to take into account the difference between the buying and selling exchange rates. Thus my £2700 became £2460. Bugger, that was WAY below the lowest offer I'd been prepared to accept. What to do? A day of messaging people I knew who were often in Europe followed, all to no avail apart from an offer to take some of them off my hands.

On Tuesday (at the suggestion of the utterly lovely J Peasemould Gruntfuttock) I phoned my bank again, to ask if they'd be prepared to give me the Bank Daily Rate, rather than the tourist rate. No joy there, however they did tell me that due to the problems with flights caused by the volcano in Iceland, they were currently buying and selling at the same rate, so my £2700 became £2829. Result! :D

Sorry about the length; I tried to condense it but like the volcano it went on a bit longer than everyone expected...
(, Sun 25 Apr 2010, 23:35, 5 replies)
You should use this as a chat up line.

(, Mon 26 Apr 2010, 0:08, closed)

haha. good reply!
(, Mon 26 Apr 2010, 2:22, closed)
That last line....
Hmmmm, I know what you mean, wanna see more pics? He he.

Did the buyer know you'd stuffed it? (Or was that the hairdressers' car you had?). You're in the market for a Lancia Spider project now then? I can get it back for you, you know.
(, Mon 26 Apr 2010, 13:43, closed)
Haha, no I think I'll pass on that one :)
I've got a proper man's car now. Not that you'll ever see it, you clearly don't want that guitar... ;)
(, Mon 26 Apr 2010, 14:14, closed)
Hahaha! :)

(, Mon 26 Apr 2010, 14:44, closed)

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