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This is a question Cars

"Here in my car", said 80s pop hero Gary Numan, "I feel safest of all". He obviously never shared the same stretch of road as me, then. Automotive tales of mirth and woe, please.

(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 12:34)
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Not mine, but read in the paper about 6 years ago
A woman in America was pulled over for drink driving. When the officers looked in the window, they found 3 empty bottles of Listerine in the passengers seat.
How desperate to get drunk to you have to be to drink 3 bottles of Listerine?!
(, Tue 27 Apr 2010, 12:59, 4 replies)
Rather desperate, but not hugely uncommon unfortunately
Maybe she was just very conscious of her breath and the drunkeness was an unfortunate sideeffect?
(, Tue 27 Apr 2010, 14:49, closed)
I like to think
that that was the excuse she gave the cops :)
(, Wed 28 Apr 2010, 2:42, closed)
The buggers drink alcohol-based handwash too
It's probably better than meths!
(, Tue 27 Apr 2010, 15:00, closed)
Don't think it will be very different.
It may not have the purple dye and the bitterex in it, but I'm pretty sure that if it's not methylated then it attracts the same duty as drinkable spirit - and nobody would buy handwash at that price. If you don't fancy going blind, don't drink the handwash!
(, Tue 27 Apr 2010, 15:31, closed)

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