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This is a question Caught!

MJPerry asks: Masturbating, stealing, making the cat dance... when did someone catch you doing something you wanted to remain secret?

(, Thu 3 Jun 2010, 14:01)
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We have a "family" PC everyone shares.
Ever so often, I'll use it when I'm not bothered with mine. According to the Google browser history, one member* was really desperate to see "Angelina Jolie nude", and another had his eye** on "Emma Watson anal" and "Miley Cyrus pussy".

*sigh* men.

*pun intended
**pun not intended
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 6:24, 12 replies)
So, your story is 'I look at porn online'?

(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 7:36, closed)
More like
"I don't look at porn online but I know someone who does"
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 10:01, closed)
Has Emma Watson really done anal?
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 8:33, closed)
She's probably dirtier than a Cornish tin miner's sock.
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 9:13, closed)

probably is
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 9:50, closed)

(, Thu 10 Jun 2010, 2:14, closed)
All men are bastards.

Drop the superior attitude - your gender makes you no better or worse than anyone else, neither does anyone else's, so drop the casual sexism as it is ridiculous and makes you look like a bigotted, ignorant fool.
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 9:50, closed)
Not really
it just means she just isn't interested in Emma Watsons mimsy.
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 14:25, closed)
Yes really.
"*sigh* men"

IE - men are all the same, dirty bastards.

EG Myra Hindley helped kill kids.

*sigh* women
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 15:22, closed)
Yes, porn is definately the cause
of all the world's evils and men are to blame.

I'm female and enjoy the odd spot of porn. So what? I think the gripe here should be that your male family members didn't turn private browsing on to spare your innocent, womanly and obviously pure moral highground.
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 9:55, closed)
Good point
Shouldn’t you be on mum’s net or something, where you can post, ”*sigh* men” , amongst like minded cockroaches. Sorry! Not cockroaches, women. I don’t know what happened there. It was my mum you know, she never hugged me how I wanted to be hugged.
(, Tue 8 Jun 2010, 10:10, closed)
i don't know if you've heard this over there in womanworld
but men aren't the only ones who can be sexist
(, Wed 9 Jun 2010, 22:20, closed)

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