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This is a question Celebrations, anniversaries and milestones

Willenium says: I just reached the big 10 on b3ta, so tell us your stories of big date milestones from relationships, birthdays, work and life-changing choices.

(, Thu 25 Sep 2014, 13:19)
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No. Don't.
Because he's a cunt.
He, and others in his little self obsessed wank circle, have worked hard to turn a small but amusing section of the internet into a pockmarked wasteland inhabited only by the most rabidly vicious proponents of the "I fucked your mum you tedious prick" school of humour.

So far, as in the rest of their lives, they've failed.
(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 15:59, closed)
You should go and stone some transgender people to really get it off your chest.

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 16:13, closed)
I don't think that would help very much.

Unless they were members of Ukip or something.
Then I'd get that lovely rosy feeling of a job well done.
(, Tue 30 Sep 2014, 10:27, closed)

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 16:38, closed)
Aw, bless!

(, Mon 29 Sep 2014, 16:48, closed)
I'm really enjoying the also-rans-of-upsetness.
Clearly this guy is nowhere near the medals table, but I like an open competition where everyone can join in.
(, Tue 30 Sep 2014, 12:06, closed)
The circle jerk is making you feel better ?
Lots of good self esteem props, and self validation.

Good for you. Keep it up.
(, Wed 1 Oct 2014, 10:01, closed)
You're definitely through to the last 16.
You could be a seed for next week.
(, Fri 3 Oct 2014, 11:36, closed)

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