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This is a question Cheating cheaty cheats

I'm rubbish at cheating. I was asked to help run a stall at a local fair. We sold squares on a treasure map for 10p a go, with the one closest to the "hidden treasure" winning stuff.

I told my sister where it was. I'd not really thought through how obvious this would be. I've kind of avoided cheating since, what have you cheated at? Confess all, it'll make you feel better.

(, Thu 17 Nov 2005, 10:14)
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Porn Party
I was once at a porn party. This basically involved going to this girl's house and watching porn, looking at porn magazines and eating food shaped like porn.

There were a few of us and, as the drinks flowed, we decided to have a game of strip poker. However, not everyone knew how to play poker, so instead of messing around explaining the rules, we decided to play strip pontoon instead. It's much quicker, too, so that was a bonus.

Anyway, I was the banker so, of course, I was the one dealing the cards. And I abused my position in a disgustingly self-serving fashion. Each time I had finished dealing I would make sure there was a high card at the bottom of the deck. If there was, I would wait until someone decided to twist, and if it took them a while to decide to do so, that clearly meant it was a risky move. So, of course, I would then deal the high card from the bottom of the pack. That would usually bust their hand and they would then be required by law to remove an item of clothing.

It's not an original method of cheating by any means but, amazingly, nobody noticed. This was probably due to the drink and the fact that most people's brains were addled by the vast intake of porn throughout the night. Also, they were unlikely to be looking at the cards when there was such a grand display of nudity and fornication all around.

Before long, I was sitting there with most of my clothes on while surrounding me were naked people. Needless to say, much jimmynudgery ensued!

I was only young and I'm not proud of what I did.
(, Thu 17 Nov 2005, 12:17, Reply)

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