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This is a question Childhood Ambitions

HoratioFellatio writes:
"At the tender age of 13, my little hairless clockweights squirted their first dose of testosterone into my blood stream. The result was a mental alarm clock shouting, 'I NEED TO LOOK AT GIRL'S FANNIES.' I reasoned that if I became a Gynaecologist, I'd get to look at fannies all day.

"It was only when I reached the age of about 16 and learnt about STD's and yeast infections that I realised I'd only ever get to see diseased ones."

Tell us about your childhood career ambitions and the moment at which your aspirations crumbled into a pile of broken dreams.

(, Thu 29 Mar 2007, 12:02)
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This is captin niggy, im flying u's on holiday!
When I was little about 2-3 I wanted to be a pilot, Apparently (I was too young to remember this) We were about to depart on a family holiday, sat on the plane getting our seat belts sorted ect. My dad thought he’d wind me up and told me we hadn’t taken off yet because the pilot had to take the day off and the crew wondered if I would be the pilot and that because the co-pilot was there it would be fine…. My dad had to chase me down the aisle because I just got up and ran to the cock-pit.
I changed my mind about being a pilot though, I decided I was going to be a sports physio that was also a doctor and a whole lot of other things rolled into one, a bit like the legendary dr slone… with more sports and less murders! After being completely down trodden by the wonderful careers advisers that laughed!!! when I said I wanted to be a sports physio, and making me feel like I should just give up and go commit. Im just about to graduate my sports therapy BSc. Come this summer I will start some more courses and will eventually become a doctor… J I hate careers advisers.
(Also hate those school tests for careers as well, filled in 2 of them and I never got a result back.. one got lost, my second got stuck in the machine so only the people up to Co in the alphabet ever got a result that year. I always thought it was because fate had something special planned for my career… maybe a super hero!… wow…)
(, Thu 29 Mar 2007, 20:49, Reply)

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