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This is a question Common

Freddy Woo writes, "My wife thinks calling the front room a lounge is common. Worse, a friend of hers recently admonished her daughter for calling a toilet, a toilet. Lavatory darling. It's lavatory."

My own mother refused to let me use the word 'oblong' instead of 'rectangle'. Which is just odd, to be honest.

What stuff do you think is common?

(, Thu 16 Oct 2008, 16:06)
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Apparently, we're common
Many, many years ago my family were enjoying a nice quiet Sunday at home when we became aware of a commotion across the street.

A fire engine turned up and firemen started running into a house over the road. My dad went out to see what was going on.

Outside he met our next door neighbour, a woman who made Hyacinth Bucket look like dole-scrounging chav scum.

"I wonder what's going on", said the neighbour.
"I don't know", replied my dad, "perhaps it's a chip pan fire".

The lady turned to my dad and looked straight down her nose at him.

"Chips?", she said, "on a Sunday?"
(, Sun 19 Oct 2008, 11:04, 1 reply)
nice one.
(, Tue 21 Oct 2008, 4:39, closed)

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