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This is a question Common

Freddy Woo writes, "My wife thinks calling the front room a lounge is common. Worse, a friend of hers recently admonished her daughter for calling a toilet, a toilet. Lavatory darling. It's lavatory."

My own mother refused to let me use the word 'oblong' instead of 'rectangle'. Which is just odd, to be honest.

What stuff do you think is common?

(, Thu 16 Oct 2008, 16:06)
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Watch out, smoker about.
My Mum god rest her soul used to have a neighbour who must be considered common. Although common isn't actually a bad term in itself, this lady simply had no class.
The best way to illustrate this is her smoking habit. Before any smokers bombard me with hate mail it's how she went about it. As far as her family knew she had quit. Yet she would pop over to my Mums house for a 'fag' but was terrified of having the smell on her as my Mum didn't smoke. Her solution was to sit in her underpants while speaking to my Mum. I'm glad I missed those little visits.
(, Sun 19 Oct 2008, 23:52, 2 replies)
I hate to say it...
..but I think she was putting some sultry, smokey lesbian moves on your mum.
(, Mon 20 Oct 2008, 9:55, closed)
I'm sure every son would say that but there's simply no chance.
I think that would be as subtle as the smoking lady was capable of.
(, Mon 20 Oct 2008, 23:33, closed)

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