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This is a question Controversial Beliefs

Some mugs still think the MMR injection gives children autism (it doesn't), while others are of the belief that we're ruled by billionaire lizard people. Tell us about views outside the mainstream which people go glassy eyed if you bang on about them (Your grandad's a racist - no need to tell us, thanks)

Suggested by Frample Thromwibbler

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 12:06)
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I've met David Icke a few times over the years.
He comes across as quite an informed and sane person.
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 19:29, 7 replies)
I find it difficult to refute his opinion on Peter Shilton
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 19:47, closed)
I find it difficult to refute any of that.
I'm not a lover of football. If I do watch a game I seem to spend most of it shouting at the screen. "Get up you fucking cheat!".

However, having grown up with the game in the 70's, it never ceases to amaze me how often now, the keeper will punch a ball away then berate his defence when the opposition score.

If he'd caught the fucking ball the attack is finished.

I must away now for a shower. Knowing that I've wholeheartedly agreed with that Loon has me feeling terminally soiled.

Thanks b3ta. Your work here is done!
(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 21:20, closed)
If you replace 'lizard people' with 'landed gentry' he's pretty much right.

(, Thu 25 Apr 2013, 21:19, closed)

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