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This is a question Conversation Killers

ThatNiceMan asks: Have you ever been talking with people down the pub when somebody throws such a complete curveball (Sample WTF moment: "I wonder what it's like to get bummed") that all talk is stopped dead? Tell us!

(, Thu 12 May 2011, 12:53)
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Not mine, but true apparently...
When Sony bought Columbia pictures around 1990, a Hollywood suit was showing a Japanese exec around the studio. He was explaining how film production worked, how 90% of Hollywood movies lose money, and thus how the profits from the blockbuster hits are generally just keeping the studio afloat by offsetting the losses from the rest of their output.

The Japanese guy says, "why you not just stop making shit movies?"
(, Tue 17 May 2011, 23:38, 5 replies)
Sounds apocryphal
but good all the same.
(, Tue 17 May 2011, 23:51, closed)

Probably. But I like it in any case.
(, Wed 18 May 2011, 17:41, closed)
Hollywood accounting
Got to love their tenuous grasp on the concept of "loss making" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_accounting
(, Wed 18 May 2011, 0:19, closed)
Oh dear
I spent a good 20 seconds trying to say "shit" in a japanese accent to work out what you meant. Boy, do I feel sirry.
(, Wed 18 May 2011, 11:20, closed)
(, Wed 18 May 2011, 22:16, closed)

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