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This is a question The Credit Crunch

Did you score a bargain in Woolworths?
Meet someone nice in the queue to withdraw your 10p from Northern Rock?
Get made redundant from the job you hated enough to spend all day on b3ta?

How has the credit crunch affected you?

(, Thu 22 Jan 2009, 12:19)
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Credit crunch
Could terminology be any more annoying?

I have to say, being 21 years of age, living on the Isle of Wight and already being stuck in dead end jobs with no career or life prospects, that I'm not really too worried about my financial future because I will probably spend the latter years of my life rocking backwards and forwards in a padded cell.

But, I digress. The main point of this self humiliating rant against myself has been corrupted, is it ONLY me who finds the term
"Credit crunch" EXTREMELY annoying?

I cannot open my eyes ears mouth or arse without someone talking about it. Oh the credit crunch, crunch, credit crunch, we're all fucked, crunch crunch crunch...

I'm quite prepared to find the man who created the terminology and stamp on his goddamn balls.

so who's with me?

(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 17:33, 11 replies)
Have you got a better suggestion?
It was termed a year ago when the first financial tremors hit the credit market, but journalists and commentators were wary of using the word "crisis" as it fuels the herd mentality of traders and idiots (like the morons queueing for their cash outside Northern Rock) which in itself creates the crisis.

So what would YOU call it? The credit whimper? The credit we-didn't-know-what-the-fuck-we-were-doing? The credit irk?
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 18:19, closed)
I'd call it
the inevitable consequence of capitalism
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 18:50, closed)
I'd call it
The ineviteable arse rape :)

I'm not saying I have any better suggestions! Nor that there's actually anything wrong with the term 'credit crunch' I'm just wondering if it annoys anyone else as much as me :)
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 19:02, closed)
At least you.....
live in a nice place like the isle of wight....

Come and visit me in birmingham where immigrants sit on street corners drinking special brew from tax payers money, skilled car manufacturers get there life long pensions taken off them and get there houses repossessed
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 19:10, closed)
Ahh the pro's and con's. We have problems here too y'know, different ones :)

'nuff said.. There are many advantages and disadvantages to living here as much as anywhere else...

On a more on topic note.. Maybe the Island will benifit from people taking more local holidays rather than going abroad all the time..

More money for the council to waste. Shoop de woop.
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 20:04, closed)
I'm with you, every nite on the radio, "credit crunch, credit crunch" STFU!
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 19:45, closed)
21 !

I have to say, being 21 years of age, living on the Isle of Wight and already being stuck in dead end jobs with no career or life prospects.

Mate at 21 you should only be just beginning to decide what you want to do - if you go through 3 years of college now you'll only be 24 when finishing . . . . you are extremely young in terms of your working life... I'm 35 and considering a frw changes in mine...

buddy the years fly by and they get faster - if you spend the next few broke but in education you'll be looking back from a nice gaf and a good job before you know it...

hope this doesn't sound like a rant but for the love of fuck . . 21 and feeling trapped for life . . . . what a load of bollocks . . the world is your battered mars bar.. ;)
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 20:13, closed)
As another 35 year old...
...I'm with him. These days, as long as you can avoid getting pregnant/getting someone else pregnant, you can essentially avoid adulthood until your thirties if you want to. Your life is SO far from being mapped out ahead of you. Try things. Go to college - it almost doesn't matter what you do there, it'll be 3 years later when you leave and the economy will be getting back on its feet.
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 20:38, closed)
stamp on his goddam balls

Im easily amused, cheers, buddy
(, Fri 23 Jan 2009, 23:49, closed)
Thought 'cash injection' was getting pretty annoying as well, I have taken to shouting 'beef injection' when I hear it (and haven't been caught yet).
(, Sat 24 Jan 2009, 20:32, closed)
same thing for 'fiscal stimulus'.
(, Mon 26 Jan 2009, 12:16, closed)

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