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This is a question The Credit Crunch

Did you score a bargain in Woolworths?
Meet someone nice in the queue to withdraw your 10p from Northern Rock?
Get made redundant from the job you hated enough to spend all day on b3ta?

How has the credit crunch affected you?

(, Thu 22 Jan 2009, 12:19)
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I've stopped masturbating into socks
and now just catch it in my hand before washing it off under the tap.
Therefore saving much needed money on;
1-new socks
2-washing powder
Hopefully i'll get a girlfriend soon and she can become my new cumbucket, resulting in pregnancy and then benefits win!

Take THAT Credit Crunch!
(, Sun 25 Jan 2009, 2:04, 6 replies)
Only by indiscriminate impregnation
will the financial disater be averted!
(, Sun 25 Jan 2009, 11:06, closed)
Masturbation: You're doing it wrong.
Fling it at the cat instead.
(, Sun 25 Jan 2009, 14:35, closed)
girlfriends are expensive
get a goat.
(, Sun 25 Jan 2009, 22:52, closed)
Do yourself a favour if you do get a girlfriend.
Don't let her find your old wank socks, even at the bottom of your washing basket. It's fucking rank.

/Personal experience
(, Mon 26 Jan 2009, 9:42, closed)
It's a trap
Stick to socks. Once little people start crawling out of your lady's vagina your life is basically over.
(, Mon 26 Jan 2009, 13:10, closed)
Spanging it in to your hand gives you the chance to impersonate Spiderman
You can fling your 'web' at targets. Tin cans, crayon drawn enemies on the bathroom tiles or the cat.

Once you get a lady you can exclaim 'My Spider sense is tingling!' before webbing her in the chops.
(, Mon 26 Jan 2009, 19:07, closed)

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