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This is a question Cringe!

Chickenlady winces, "I told a Hugh Grant/Divine Brown joke to my dad, pretending that Ms Brown was chewing gum so she'd be more American. Instead I just appeared to be still giving the blow-job. Even as I'm writing this I'm cringing inside."

Tell us your cringeworthy stories of embarrassment. Go on, you're amongst friends here...

(, Thu 27 Nov 2008, 18:58)
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For the love of god, put them away...
Where to start? I can do these chronologically, alphabetically or by degree of mental scarring…

Ah yes. PhD, year two. Went to lab wearing fetching black shirt with popper fastenings down the front. To protect said shirt, slipped on lab coat, with popper fastenings down the front. The eagle eyed amongst you may be able to spot where this is going.
Tea break rolls around and, being the attention seeking little sausage I am, I ran to the door of the lab, faced my lab mates and pretended to rip off my lab coat, a la Clark Kent ripping off his shirt to reveal underneath the fabled “S”. What I actually did do was grab both sets off poppers by mistake, rip them open and reveal my tits in a grubby, greying bra with the underwiring poking out.

I think if you look up the word “fuckwit” in the dictionary, there may be a little picture of me next to it…
(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 9:35, 9 replies)
has just made me laugh out loud at my desk... my boss is not pleased... no sense of fun in this place... grrr...
(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 9:57, closed)

(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 11:11, closed)
*Laughs like a drain*
*Stops laughing*


*Dissolves in fits of laughter again*
(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 11:25, closed)
I've spent the last ten years of my life working in assorted labs and this never happens to me.

(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 11:47, closed)
Oh, Madame Rakky
That was the first real 'shoulders shaking with mirth' thing I've read so far.

(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 14:22, closed)
This is the only.....
....time I've hever hit the profile link in the vain hope there would be pictorial evidence therein! Most chucklesome, thank you!
(, Fri 28 Nov 2008, 16:03, closed)
For reminding me why so many of today's lab coats have velcro.
(, Sat 29 Nov 2008, 9:17, closed)
You've done it again!

* clicks *
(, Mon 1 Dec 2008, 18:24, closed)
This kind of thing doesn't happen enough! :)
(, Mon 1 Dec 2008, 22:24, closed)

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