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This is a question Dad stories

"Do anything good for your birthday?" one of your friendly B3TA moderator team asked in one of those father/son phone calls that last two minutes. "Yep," he said, "Your mum." Tell us about dads, lack of dad and being a dad.

Suggested by bROKEN aRROW

(, Thu 25 Nov 2010, 11:50)
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I'll just leave this here...
One of the things I am most looking forward about being a Dad (my boy is nearly 1), is lying creatively about things I know nothing about...

Like this Dad-Trolling Museum
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 16:10, 6 replies)
I convinced a 5 yr old junior twinklefuckingtoes
that my mates lizzard was infact a baby dragon.
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 16:17, closed)
To a certain degree
You were right to.
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 16:23, closed)
Lying to children is great fun.
One of my nephews apparently spoke up in class on his first day to instruct the teacher authoritatively that sheep grow from seeds which can be found in fields all over the country.

I was so proud.
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 16:23, closed)
It should be
An Olympic sport
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 16:40, closed)
I was expecting to be told I like horses or someshit.
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 16:59, closed)

It's one of the great and continuing pleasures of being a dad plus it helps raise a new generation of eccentrics and loons.

Have at it good Sir Itchalot
(, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 20:28, closed)

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