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This is a question The Dirty Secrets of Your Trade

So, Television is a hot bed of lies, deceit and made up competitions. We can't say that we are that surprised... every job is full of this stuff. It's not like the newspapers currently kicking TV whilst it is down are all that innocent.

We'd like you to even things out a bit. Spill the beans on your own trade. Tell us the dirty secrets that the public need to know.

(, Thu 27 Sep 2007, 10:31)
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more IT secrets
i like being in control of massive data resources, at work my secrets are

1. my support tracking software, through which u can see the progress of your outstanding puter issues is prgrammed (by me) to automatically add fake "actions" to the details so that u think i've been working on it.

2. computers can be sent fake commands to break them if i want to sit in a certain area for a little while and hide out, like wise certain mates know how to 'break' computers sufficently for me to sit and slowly fix it while having a good chat.

3. if you happen to have a job that for no other reason then you want to assert some kind power over me, becomes urgent.. another very major system in the building WILL suddenly fall over in spectacular style !! and take 3 hours to fix.

4. in return for the favour of fixing the home pc you brought in, you automatically agree to letting me execute a specially designed (again by me) piece of software that runs from a USB memory stick and scans for any useful files (music, video, images, jokes, cracks etc) and copies them back to the memory key (but nothing personal !) the program looks like an ordinary harddrive error checker

*note* this last one has yeilded at least 3 lots of 'special' home movies... and tonnes of very good music

5. the email filtering is set to block emails containing the funny/nasty/pornographic content everyone sends from getting to your inbox and stopping u working !! no reason why it can't then redirect it all to my inbox tho !

hmmm reading that, ive scared myself about what kind of person i am !
(, Fri 28 Sep 2007, 12:30, Reply)

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