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This is a question Driven to Madness

Captain Placid asks: What annoying things do significant others, workmates and other people in general do that drive you up the wall? Do you want to kill your other half over their obsessive fridge magnet collection? Driven to distraction over your manager's continued use of Comic Sans (The Font of Champions)? Tell us.

(, Thu 4 Oct 2012, 12:11)
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The three worst words in the English language:
"While you're up..."
(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:32, 12 replies)
"while you're down there" said by an overweight middle aged man to a barmaid/waitress etc bending down to pick up some cutlery the fat fuck has dropped in his mission to eat all his food....
(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:36, closed)
"You have cancer".
(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:38, closed)
Alright, maybe not the very worst
[edit] Although to be fair, at least your doctor's unlikely to then ask you to put a load of washing on when you just wanted a cup of tea.
(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:40, closed)
"while you've got cancer.. would you mind just making me a cup of tea?"
I'm totally gonna try that one at work.
(, Thu 11 Oct 2012, 1:40, closed)
Surely it depends on what they want you to do.
It's hardly a massive imposition to flick the kettle on if you're twatting about in the kitchen already.
(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:39, closed)
I dunno, if you've got an erection you may as well do something with it

(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:42, closed)
What if I just want to admire it for a bit?

(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:43, closed)
Stop admiring my erection

(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:44, closed)
Can't ... look ... away ...

(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:53, closed)
It's like the mona lisa, wherever you stand in the room its eye is looking at you

(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 16:35, closed)
Morning, Mr Clegg

(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:44, closed)
I suppose it depends...

On who you're up?
(, Wed 10 Oct 2012, 15:55, closed)

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