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This is a question It's not me, it's the drugs talking

They make you do stupid stuff and say stupid stuff. Drugs ROCK! Old-time B3ta person Fraser says, "I remember turning to a flatmate once, after getting stoned and sitting through an episode of Casualty, and proclaiming "Wow! Those actors are *so* talented!". And really meaning it."

What do you regret doing under the influence?

(, Thu 15 Dec 2005, 11:19)
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Not me but a mate
He used to deal pills out in New Zealand a few years ago. One day he started drinking at about noon, and carried on for a good 12 hours. He may have popped a few as well; I forget.

It gets to midnight, and he decides to drive (yes drive) to an out-of-town rave a few miles away. He pulls into to the venue's car park - cue a jam sandwich flashing its blue lights in said mate's rear-view mirror. It's obvious to the NZ rozzers that he's pissed, so they bung him in the back of the squad car and drive him down the local nick.

On the way to the police station, he remembers that his pockets are full to the brim with pills and tablets. Not wanting to be caught red-handed in the cop shop, he decides what he thinks is best in his drunken state and stuffs all of the pills down the back of the seat. In a police car.

He gets to the nick, they take his details, search him, and all the other usual formalities. After a couple of hours, they decide he's free to go, and being good-natured antipodeans, agree to take him back to the rave (minus his car keys of course).

So he jumps in the back of the car, and after a mile or so it suddenly hits him that he's in the same police car as before! So he sticks his hand down the back of the seat - lo and behold, his pills are down there. He stuffs them into his pocket, goes to the rave (albeit 3 hours late) and sells the lot.

(, Fri 16 Dec 2005, 13:50, Reply)

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