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This is a question It's not me, it's the drugs talking

They make you do stupid stuff and say stupid stuff. Drugs ROCK! Old-time B3ta person Fraser says, "I remember turning to a flatmate once, after getting stoned and sitting through an episode of Casualty, and proclaiming "Wow! Those actors are *so* talented!". And really meaning it."

What do you regret doing under the influence?

(, Thu 15 Dec 2005, 11:19)
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Mushrooms, many years ago... I was struck suddenly by the shiny curved elegance of the simple paperclip.

I announced this to the world in general: "Consider the paperclip - curved, twisted, spiraling and purposeful... In its natural form, it holds together paper perfectly.

Somehow though, we're never satisfied by that. We're all tempted to straighten out the paperclip - I know I am - but it never goes perfectly straight, does it?
You'll try to force it, but you only weaken the wire.
Then you try to bend it back to its paperclip shape, but it never goes, does it?

Leave the paperclip alone. It's meant to be twisted. If you force it against its nature, it breaks, or at best it's deformed and less strong.

Like life, really."

This while the rest of the room were convulsing in giggles to the sounds of Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson Lake and Palmer.

Pearl before hippies.
(, Wed 21 Dec 2005, 16:22, Reply)

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