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This is a question Expensive Weekends

Chthonic says he's still reeling from a trip to a wedding that cost him nearly £600; while a friend of ours hazily presented his credit card to the bar staff in a shady club in the Baltic states. You know how that one ended.

(, Thu 13 May 2010, 13:03)
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Tainted cash
Many years ago something bad happened to a friend (another story altogether), sometime after that bunch of solicitors argued, end result I got about £3000.

My thinking was this money had come to me as a result of something that still rates as one of the worst days of my life, I felt the money was tainted by this. So I decided not to invest it as I thought that money earned would be like fruit from a poisoned tree. I thought about giving it to a charity and tried to think of a fitting one, then it hit me - how would my friend have spent it? Simple answer - go somewhere you have never been and have fun, step one: get a map of Europe, step two: open and thrust finger at map blindly.

Three weeks later I was in a apartment in Prague with one mission - spend the money & have fun. I achieved both very quickly. Highlights of the time there include an encounter with the worlds worst pickpoctet (me 5'7" him 6'4" and we were the only 2 people on the street), getting so drunk that I woke up under the bed and drunkenly wandering into a pub/club filled with slightly dodgy Russians in leather jackets & sunglasses(the bodyguards & security were quite friendly).

Now to the expensive part of the story, I got chatting to one young lady who I tried to impress by buying her a drink - fine she wants a beer, now I try to be all James Bond and order us a bottle of champagne instead, hey why not? I want to spend the money and its only about £18. That goes down fine, a few of her mates arrive, lets have another bottle, whats that sir? you dont like the champagne! - get this man two of you finest beers, and on it goes.

My Bond inspired plan worked a treat, the stunning blond & I left for her place and a good time was had by both of us. Only problem was in my pissed state I had made a mistake with the exchange rate, it was not £18 a bottle like I thought, it was £120. I had ordered five of them.

Went back the next night and did the same thing.

Cost of the weekend, about £3000 and it was worth every penny because I still remember it as the last present my friend ever gave me.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 13:19, 10 replies)
Like this.

Got a mate with a similar tale of getting 'tainted cash'. She was abused by her dad, kicked out, grew up with foster parents. When he died he left her all his money. She bought a fucking massive train set and gave it to her step brother (the folks who brought her up were her only real family), and ended up giving the rest to charity... with a fair bit set aside for one almighty piss up.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 13:29, closed)
Good story, but we really need to know how the tash was cainted.

(, Wed 19 May 2010, 13:29, closed)
I too want this guy to put the most horrific moment of his life in print so I can go ‘oh’ for a couple of seconds and then forget about it.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 13:45, closed)
Did I offend you in another life, or something? Don't be so needlessly aggressive.

If he didn't want to tell the story he shouldn't have alluded to it. It's not useful detail or background.

Jesus. Have a wank and a nap and stop being such a pointlessly sarcastic dickbrain.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 14:23, closed)
I too was wondering about the incident and was commenting on my and your need (vague interest) to know the back story vs the potential emotional cost to the story teller. Did it really come across as an attack? Didn’t mean it to.

you cunt
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 16:14, closed)
Ring of Fire
Vagabond was talking about the original post and you are talking about spanky hanky's post...total cross puproses there dude. He can be a lot more offensive than this when he wants to be ;)
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 16:00, closed)
I thought about giving it to a charity and tried to think of a fitting one
If that was me, the mere fact that I had thought about giving it to charity, would have made me feel a whole lot better about not giving any to charity.

Well spent!

ps - The blonde bombshell wasn't a hooker was she? ;)
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 13:51, closed)
I don't understand
Something bad happened to your friend, so why did you get the 3k?
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 17:17, closed)
I'm guessing.....
They were both attacked or in an accident or something, and his friend bit the big one, but he survived and was awarded some sort of damages for injuries or emotional trauma.
Poor bugger
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 18:28, closed)
If any of my friends or loved ones profit due to my untimely demise then, provided they weren't responsible for the aforementioned demise, I would hope they would do similar.
(, Wed 19 May 2010, 17:32, closed)

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