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This is a question Pointless Experiments

Pavlov's Frog writes: I once spent 20 minutes with my eyes closed to see what it was like being blind. I smashed my knee on the kitchen cupboard, and decided I'd be better off deaf as you can still watch television.

(, Thu 24 Jul 2008, 12:00)
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A tale of experimentation...
Gather 'round, kiddies, as I tell a tale about experimentation of a wholly new and different sort.

Some years back I was very young, very thin and very broke. I was living in what might be most charitably described as a hovel- we lacked money for heat, so most of the winter was spent shivering under layers of clothing. Food was similarly scarce- my roommate worked as a waiter, so he at least got one good meal a day- but I was not so lucky. I was living on the cheapest food I could get from the grocery store, and not exactly thriving.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

At the time I was my current just-short-of-six-feet height, but weighed maybe ten stone. The winter had made me very thin indeed. My cheeks were hollow, my clothes hung off of me, and I looked quite pitiable indeed. However, with blond hair and grey eyes and a waifish face I apparently appealed to women on a certain motherly level that quickly moved to a wholly different level. I looked a lot like the kid that played Anthony the sailor in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd.

I knew the location of a strip club that catered to women and had male strippers. I had encountered women leaving there before and noted the looks I got from them. The quality of their gaze was one of hungry lionesses sizing up a gazelle.

So one night I decided to take the next logical step.

I wasn't exactly raking in huge money, but I was suddenly able to afford better food and was often fed well. Looking like a starved innocent was paying off nicely indeed. I quickly learned my new trade, and in fact became very talented in the bedroom, judging from their reactions. Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

Trust me, it was not. I didn't have the luxury of being overly choosy about who I was going home with. I wasn't pulling the beauties, really. I was getting older women who liked being somewhat predatory. This led to some... interesting times.

One woman in particular took me home several times. She was very much into being dominant. She delighted in having me go down on her until she orgasmed, and insisted on doing this while sitting in a chair while I was on my knees between her thighs. This progressed to her binding my hands behind me, then to being tied to her bed. She especially loved paddling my arse until it was quite tender. She also delighted in sticking her fingers inside me. This also progressed until she was inserting toys in me while I was tied. I enjoyed that, truth be known... as long as it was done with plenty of lube and done gently.

Only thing is, she kept taking it a bit further each time.

There are people whose brains are wired such that pain feels quite sexual to them. A bit of pain during sex is a kick, a bit of spice that gives it an edge. Well, I'm not one of them- to me pain is pain, and I don't like it.

The last night she had me tied quite tightly in a submissive pose, with my arse in the air and unable to do more than wriggle. She had never done so thorough a job of restraining me before. She gave me a couple of slaps, then she produced a riding crop.

A note on using one of those: you use a sort of flicking motion with it so that the little flap on the end is moving quickly and delivers a light stinging slap. Done that way it delivers a nice little sting, but doesn't do any real injury. But if you follow through like you're beating a carpet...

I can still hear the whistle of it as she swung, and can feel the line of fire it laid across my thighs. I yelped, but couldn't move. She did it several more times across my thighs and arse, my cries turning her on even more. Then her hands caressed the welts lovingly for a couple of minutes as I gasped for breath through gritted teeth.

Then she applied some lube and I felt her fingers working it into me for a moment. I heard her putting something on, then felt her hands grab my hips as something entered me- something quite a bit larger than anything she had inserted into me before.

This I can tell you- the pain from being raped like that is far more intense than anything I've felt since.

Again my cries got her very hot, and I could hear her gasping with orgasms as she rammed me again and again. Finally she pulled it out of me and collapsed on the bed, spent, and pulled me over onto my side. She snuggled close, holding me as I sobbed, her fingers tracing the welts...

I left there with rope burns, welts and a large chunk of cash to ease my pains as I walked home. It was a warm night in June, and I took a long route back to the flat. I thought long and hard about what had just been done to me, and about the bundle of money in my pocket.

The next day I started applying for jobs as a waiter, and eventually landed one. I quit my old job and started hustling for money in a more legitimate way. My experiment in sex work was at a very definite end, and I saw no point in ever trying it again.

EDIT: a *click* would also help to alleviate the pain, you know...
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:06, 10 replies)
Well Shimrod.
It's either a very good tale well told or your a bit of a dark horse. : )
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:19, closed)
It desrves a click
It's frickin' horrific mind.
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:20, closed)
Sorry for the lack of humour...
Yes, al, it was pretty horrific to live through. But at the same time, I learned quite a lot from it and benefited in unexpected ways. I now know quite a lot about what to do to a woman to make her happy, and also know the warning signs to look for so I never go through that again...

Ah well. 'Tis not a warm and fuzzy story, but perhaps it can serve as a bit of a warning for others, eh?
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:27, closed)
Good god.
I would think that would have put you off sex for a VERY long time! *shudder*

Gah. My butt is twitching in sympathy.
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:33, closed)
you could have chosen thievery
Would have been easier.
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:35, closed)
I don't care if this isn't true
If it is, it deserves a click for a story well told. If not, it deserves it for the narrative!

(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:43, closed)
Thievery is not for me.
I've been robbed before, so I know what it feels like. I wouldn't do that to someone.

The story is true, all right. And yes, it made me go off sex for a bit, but eventually I got past that. I've since had quite a number of relationships, though sadly none of them seem to last very long... in fact, I think the longest was just under three years. But in truth that is fine, as I live a rather free life now.

There are other stories from that time, of course, most of them far less grim than this one. I'll try to write a few of them up at some point.
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 14:52, closed)
That is all I have to say. Good on you for still being able to have sex!
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 15:38, closed)
Ooh you lucky ducky...

You got to have all that fun AND get paid for it?

Some people have all the luck.



(Reality time - I agree with the above. If that really happened then Yikes-a-rama.)
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 15:57, closed)
It does tend to
take some of the fun out of the jokes about bum-rape, believe me. Having it happen even once gives you a much different perspective on things.

On the other hand, it does give a new appreciation to the sensation of taking a much-needed shit.
(, Fri 25 Jul 2008, 17:08, closed)

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