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This is a question Fairgrounds, theme parks, circuses and carnivals

Tell us about the time the fairground came to town and you were sick in a hedge; or when you went to a theme park or circus and were sick in a hedge

Suggested by mariam67

(, Thu 9 Jun 2011, 11:37)
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the day the fair came to town.
the low rumble of distant mechanically propelled transportation devices alerted us to the arrival of the travelling folk. A quivering haze along the road was broken by the rainbow coloured aforementioned mechanically propelled transportation devices as they came into view. The first mechanically propelled transportation device was red.
The second mechanically propelled transportation device was blue.
The third mechanically propelled transportation device was yellow.
The fourth mechanically propelled transportation device was red.
There were no green mechanically propelled transportation devices.
A hushed whisper travelled through the crowd as the convoy rumbled along the road before turning off into a small playing field.

Soon small leaflets measuring 210mm by 297mm were applied to traffic regulating and communication distributing standards through the town and the small playing field took the appearance of a small town of tents and rides. The fair had arrived.

I went to the fair and it was ace. I was sick in a hedge after fingering the sturdy hairy man who was in command of the wurlitzer. His puckered starfish had pushed open to accept my forefinger and in a moment of haste i had impaled my oral sphincter around the purple swollen glans of his reproductive organ behind the yellow mechanically propelled transportation device. Within a few minutes I had worked three fingers inside of his anal cavities and was gently stroking his prostate as my other hand worked the base of his organ and my mouth plunged up and down his swollen cock. 'Eat my cock boy' he grunted as he thrust his member to the back of my mouth and popped his glans into my throat. 'You like that dont you you little cocksucker' he said. Soon enough he was reaching his nicotine stained fingers down my back and gently prised apart my buttocks. He rubbed his finger over my starfish before quickly withdrawing and gobbing all down his digit to provide a modicum of lubrication. Straight back he was and without a moments hesitation he thrust his thick hairy finger straight up me. I winced with pain as his comrade who drove the blue mechanically propelled transportation device came up behind me and, withdrawing his swollen pimpled puss drenched cock from his overalls, he pulled the man i was suckings hand away and plunged himself deep inside of me.
Here I was being spit roasted by the carnies.

Anyway, getting back to the point, after being raped by the travelling folk I ate a dodgy hot dog and was sick in the hedge.

I didnt even get to go on any rides as it was dark when they finally finished and erupted inside of me. slowly withdrawing their members from me I could feel the mixture of puss and man milk dribble down my leg. It was only when the guy in front pulled his cock from my mouth could i see the warts and scabs all over it.

Anyway, i had a glass of lemonade and the ill fated hot dog before i was sick in a hedge. I went home and told daddy what a bad boy i had been eating a naughty hot dog and he put me over his knee and licked my bum clean.
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 14:28, 5 replies)
Seek help.
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 15:34, closed)
I call bullshit on this story...
(, Fri 10 Jun 2011, 15:43, closed)
Oh my God..
What the shuddering fuck have I just read??
(, Sun 12 Jun 2011, 18:05, closed)
Clicked and laughed
...but what the fuck.
(, Mon 13 Jun 2011, 14:34, closed)
Jesus Christ
I cannot unread this...
(, Wed 15 Jun 2011, 1:09, closed)

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