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This is a question Fancy Dress

Two words that fill me with dread. Fancy Dress. Some people really get off on this - last party I went to that involved dressing up, one bloke came in a sort of fetish-nazi outfit, all tight black pvc, whips and jackboots.* Which would have been OK but it was a Eurovision party, and he'd come as Austria.

What's the worst costume you've encountered? Or worn? Or been made to wear...

*and no, it wasn't one of them royals

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:15)
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South Park staff Halloween Party
Ok, so this could be urban legend as it was told through a friend who works on Southpark, but hey it's a good story.

Every year they have a massive Halloween party and people take it really seriously and really dress up. Anyways, the year Roy got mauled by the Tiger, the big costume that Halloween was to go as Roy with his throat ripped out and a white Tiger toy handing from the neck.

So off to the party goes this fellow dressed as Roy with throat ripped out, and lo and behold, who should be there but Siegfried? Any normal person would hide at the other side of the room while trying to make a quick exit to the toilets, but no - he goes up and introduces himself.

There's a quiet pause while Siegfried takes in the costume as realises who this fellow is trying to be and then a look of complete horror comes over his face and his minder moves in. At this moment, someone comes up with a camera and Siegried in ultimate Hollywood LA fashion assumes the big smile, puts his arm around the bloke with the offensive costume for the "Here I am with an adoring fan picture".
(, Wed 18 Jan 2006, 17:50, Reply)

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