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This is a question Fancy Dress

Two words that fill me with dread. Fancy Dress. Some people really get off on this - last party I went to that involved dressing up, one bloke came in a sort of fetish-nazi outfit, all tight black pvc, whips and jackboots.* Which would have been OK but it was a Eurovision party, and he'd come as Austria.

What's the worst costume you've encountered? Or worn? Or been made to wear...

*and no, it wasn't one of them royals

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:15)
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whoops forgot this one!
Probably cos I got wasted that night, but here's me at Halloween:

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 22:09, Reply)
'As offensive as humanly possible'
was the theme of our 2001 new years eve shindiggery. After much mulling, and a total lack of ideas, I spotted my girlfriend's pair of fairy wings. Slapping them on my back, I then declared myself to be the 'aids fairy' to all I met, complete with bags under the eyes, gaunt listless expression, and the manditory 'bergen belsen haircut'. Upon being asked why the fuck I was dressed as some kind of half-arsed thumbellina, I heartily explained 'i turn fruits into vegetables' only to be met with blank incomprehension.
It went down better than the Oliver Cromwell costume another chap wore though, to try and start a fight with any Irish people who might be quaffing guiness out of a brown paper bag in the kitchen, and dancing to their penny flutes.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 22:08, Reply)
highway to hull...
A few years back, one of my housemates returns from the pub with the news that there's a fancy dress party going on that night.

Back to the house we go to find outfits. After scrabbling around for half a hour with no success, i sit down with a spliff and the paper to get some inspiration.

Eu-fucking-reka. I spot juanita...the high quality blow-up doll we brought back from Berlin as a souvenir the previous year (unused, settle). I leggit to the charity shop and purchase a cardigan and tweed skirt. I dress the doll and we head out, housemates absolutely perplexed as to what i'm going as.

The headline? "Harold Shipman charged for 20-odd more counts of murder" Me? I fuck grannies.

1 blow-up doll - free
one granny outfit - £5
the fact that best mate of the party host is Harold Shipman's son - priceless
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:57, Reply)
i'm crap at fancy dress
been to two fancy dress parties in recent memory, the first had a "come as a tube station" theme - for some reason I decided to draw a horse and a road on a tshirt and go as Blackhorse Road (don't ask). The ink ran and I was in a state long before I should have been

The second was a general fancy dress party but I had a major work crisis and worked late all week and all the day of the party and so didnt have a costume, in desperation I reached into the fruitbowl and went as Bananaman..........
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:50, Reply)
Bad taste Party
I was invited to a bad taste party a while back, some of my friends went dressed as chavs, i went dressed as a rapist, complete with flasher mac and rape kit (rope etc) i am so glad i didnt get stopped on my way home by the fuzz. Some girls were slightly perturbed by it, but hey the lads laughed!!
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:49, Reply)
I went to my mate's 18th birthday
as Robert Smith of the cure.

I thought I looked pretty good- but no one there knew who I - or the Cure - was...in fact, my mates mum who I got a lift with thought I was supposed to be someone from the Rocky Horror picture show. I was insulted.

The only thing that cheered me up was half way throught the night, we were sitting outside the pub on the park benches when some bloke with huge pupils and probably not much idea of where he was shouted "IT'S ROBERT SMITH!"

He came over, shook my hand and broke into a rendition of "close to me."

I joined in, and was quickly pulled up onto the table by this bloke as we sang - arm in arm - at the top of our voices.

I was so cool back then.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:48, Reply)
Our last party
We had 'terrorism' as our theme: Besides the suicide-terrorists sipping their beers we also had two lads who dressed up as the Twin Towers: Complete with little airplanes attached to the side.

And yes, at the end of the night, those guys both hit the floor... :)
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:45, Reply)
I once caused a bit of a kerfuffle
at a fancy dress party when I wore little more than an old white sheet drenched in orange food colouring, which I discovered looks a lot more like blood than red food colouring.

My theme? "Period costume".
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:44, Reply)
Like thePontificator, I went as the man himself, the big J.C.
I was equipped with a bedsheet, crown of thorns (well, ivy from the host's driveway) and a bottle of water and one of red wine. I spent an evening switching the two and then quaffing the resulting "miracle wine".
All was good untill blasphemey came up in conversation with pointed looks at me.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:32, Reply)
I believe the Universe is shaped like a bra
We had a Space Party, and I dressed up as Stephen Hawking by sticking two big cardboard wheels onto a folding chair, combing my hair badly and pretending I had a floppy neck. One wheel had "HawKing" written on it and the other one said "Tha Professor". I even had a computer screen made out of cardboard.

I also tried to make a voice synth, but the tracks were too short and wouldn't burn onto a CD properly.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:25, Reply)
I once went to a party dressed as a duvet.
Least effort ever.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:24, Reply)
Rushy, your brother reaped the whirlwind
I might have made the pic with the suicide party popper girl but I sure as hell didn't send her out into a mixed gathering with it on!

Still give sme a warm feeling. A warm , burning, exploding feeling etc etc etc.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:22, Reply)
Mumble chunter bunnygirls grumble...
A long time ago my mum made me a very cool pirate costume for a local shindig and was reasonably confident that nobody could possibly beat it. I had the wobbly tinfoil-covered cardboard sword, the big hoop earring artfully stitched onto my bandana and everything! What more could a 10-yr old want? The contest was mine!

Right up until an older girl came in dressed as a bunny girl. She was wearing a black leotard with a ball of cotton wool in the crack of her arse, so of course all she had to do was sit on the judges knee. Bitch.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:19, Reply)
Power Droid
One Halloween (I was probably 8) I went as the Power Droid from Star Wars. He had a one-second part in the movie, but they made an action figure out of him.

Things went fine until someone asked me if I was a steamboat.

He can keep his stinking candy.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:14, Reply)
Rocky Horror
Halloween 1990. Midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Was still a Rocky virgin, believe it or not.

Me (a bloke), dressed in my GFs black leather skirt, black hose (made my legs look like uncooked bratwurst links) and a 44 DD bra stuffed with socks. I still had hair then, so my bangs got teased up, red lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, the whole deal. At the door, they were padding people down to prevent contraband. Men patting men, women patting women. I got padded by a woman (yessss!). When I asked her if she wanted to check my purse, she freaked and waved me inside. I had a lot of people fooled that night. "Holy shit!" one guy yelled, incredulous, "you, you got balls!"

My girlfriend kept reaching up my skirt. "Wow!" she said, "now I know why you guys like these skirts! Grrrrooooowe!!" "Stop that!" I'd say and slap at her hand.

I had so much fun that night! But there are pictures somewhere, so now I can't run for President (aw shucks).
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:11, Reply)
A Halloween party.
Not having any flashy costumes to hand, I ummed and ahhed and finally decided to go dressed in a plain white shirt and trousers, the sort of thing that would've gone unnoticed in the early 1960s, when times were hard and men didn't go around in ripped jeans, girls' tops and grandad caps. However, I was dressed as one of last century's genuinely nasty pieces of work, whose name is synonymous with the unfathomable evil within the human psyche, and with remote parts of Yorkshire. The man who pleaded insanity on conviction and whose partner (in crime as well) died recently but whose face alone is still a terrifyingly iconic image. I was the essence of Moors murderer Ian Brady.

It was a very effective costume, but for some reason the words 'season ticket' and 'Hull' still spring to mind...
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:07, Reply)
Dying to try!!!

A man decides to throw a fancy dress party, and the theme for the party would be emotion.
The evening comes around and he hears the doorbell go. Opening the door he finds one of his friends wearing green clothes, green skin and green hair.
"Great what are you?"
"I'm green with envy.
They both have a laugh and he's invited in. Minutes later the doorbell goes again, he opens it to find a woman wearing a pink bikini with a massive pink feather boa wrapped around herself.
"Fantastic what are you."
"My dear I am tickled pink!"
They laugh and she's invited in. Soon enough the party is in full swing and the doorbell goes again. The bloke opens the door to find two Jamaicans standing there, one naked with a pear on his knob and the other also naked with his prick dangling in a bowel of custard.
"What the fuck are you?"
"Well I have cum in dis pear and my friend is fuckin dis custard."
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:04, Reply)
Sir Caraway
When I was about 10 a guy on a school party was dressed up as a knight, complete with armor, sword, helmet. His parents went so far to make him a fake beard by glueing caraway seeds on his face. From that day on to the final year he was known as "Sir Caraway". Can't remember his real name, he was always called Sir Caraway.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 21:03, Reply)
The grotesquities of sellotape
It's Halloween and I haven't got a costume. I decided I should make an effort, it being Halloween and all, so I got some sellotape and stuck one eye closed, the other eye wide open and my nose pulled up like Tubbs and Edward.

The effect was so hideous that girls would go to ask me a question, then as I turned round would scream "Oh my God! What happened to your face!?" I got more attention for my costume than any of my friends, and it cost me nothing!

It wasn't a pulling face though, I'll give you that...

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:56, Reply)
For comic relief a couple of years ago
I went to school dressed like this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Full clothes, makeup, etc., even down to the underwear. I even purchased shoes specially for the occasion, as my mum nor any of my friends had any shoes which would fit.

Whilst waiting at the bus stop, the cold breeze around my ol' bollocks was very refreshing, and I recieved a number of appreciative hoots, whistles and comments (mostly derogatory) throughout the day, from pupils and teachers alike.
(The bus driver didn't bat an eyelid though)

By far the best, however, was the kid who passed me in the corridor and loudly exclaimed to his mates, "Eurgh, she looks like a man!"

edit: not relevant at all but Holy Shit I know this man! (4th down on the best of page in last week's QOTW).
Though you missed out the fact that YOU ATE IT AFTERWARDS, you sick cunt.

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:53, Reply)
I once went to a "Top of the Pops" party as a smurf (OK, tenuous I know). It was ace, white trousers, white hat, blue body paint from the waist up.

Only problem was that I left a trail of evidence - the following morning I woke up to blue paint on the walls and on several female party guests. Hosts not completely impressed (and nor were the female party guests for that matter).
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:49, Reply)
a friend of mine
once turned up to a party all in red - he'd come dressed as a zit, and proceeded to spit custard on everyone

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:46, Reply)
Christmas Fun
One year my family decided to liven up our big Christmas Day get-together by making it fancy dress. This is why there is a photo in existence (that wont be posted on here before you ask) of a twelve year old me, sitting playing Bomberman on my brand new Atari ST wearing nothing except a sparkly wig, a hula skirt (underwear to cover embarrassment, natch) and a bikini top stretched over the most outrageously large comedy plastic breasts I have ever seen.

My parents once did the 'get out the embarrassing photo's when being introduced to the girlfriend' routine. It appears that rather than embarrassing me, they just managed to make the prospective love interest think that they were some kind of sick perverts who forced their twelve year old boy into dressing like a scantily clad lady and giving him gigantic norks.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:38, Reply)
It's all b3ta's fault
Shortly before halloween, there was an FP courtesy of Rotating Wobbly Hat featuring a young lady dressed as a suicide bomber. Perfect.

My brother was in dire need of a costume, so i suggested he strap 40 odd party poppers to his chest and put a tea towel on his head and go as the afore-mentioned bomber. We turn up to the party and mingle away.

Until, of course, my brother starts this conversation. Entire converstion:

Bro: How do you know [host]?
Man: I work with her
Bro: So where are you from then?
Man: Iraq

(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:36, Reply)
I have a tiger costume.
It's great because I can wear it to any party. I can always crowbar tigers into the theme somehow. Hallowe'en party? Rar, scary tiger! Heroes and villains-themed party? Shere Khan! Book characters? Shere Khan again!
Although, as Comma pointed out, it'd be a bit shit for an "all animals except tigers" party. But then I could say it's a liger/tigon.

At the above-mentioned hallowe'en party, someone else arrived apparently without a costume (as in normal clothes, not as in stark bollock nuddy). When challenged about this, he wordlessly pointed to a sticker on his shirt on which he'd written Hello, my name is God.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:36, Reply)
apart from the costumes I wear on a regular basis (i'm a live role player)
there was one new year's eve where we may have got to ambitious with the theme. Casting aside the idea of 'come as a philosophical concept', we chose the more synasthetic theme of 'come as a flavour'. Not as a thing which has a flavour but dressed to look like the actual flavour.

'Pirates' seemed much easier after that
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:36, Reply)
oh Christ

My robe kept slipping, and it's bloody hard work dancing in the ol' robe/toga combo. No idea how the man himself managed it.

Still, several Catholics worshipped me for the evening.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:25, Reply)
Peter Pan
Green tights, green felt dress thing with a belt, green face paint.

I'm male.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:24, Reply)
Hula skirts
At the scouts jamboree. argh. my friends still never actually let me forget that, even though i was only about 10 at the time.
(, Thu 12 Jan 2006, 20:20, Reply)

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