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This is a question Sexual fetishes

Rubber wetsuits. Knee-high boots. Nuclear-powered clockwork cucumbers. Dressing up as Pingu whilst reading out loud from the works of Dan Brown. What floats your boat? Or what fetishes have you encountered? Suggestion via crackhouseceilidhband.

(, Thu 22 Oct 2009, 13:25)
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Good clean family fun
A couple of months back my sister and I decided to give old dear old nan a visit, because we're nice like that, for a cup of tea and a natter. Usual nan stuff.

After going through the usual inanities of her filling us in with what every other member of the family is up to and so on, we somehow ended up on the subject of The War (WW2, that is), and the whole American "we came over and saved your asses" sort of view, to which I made a throwaway comment along the lines of, "well, all them American squaddies did was come here and 'see to' the wives of fellas who were off in Europe".

I expected to be told not to be so silly, but then my nan replied, "oh yes, a lot of women sold their bodies to get a bit of extra money". Oh yes nan?

"Yes, in fact my friend Helen's mum used to do it!"


"But no one held it against her, it was sort of a done thing back then."

Fair enough, I think, also presuming she'd leave it and start back on about my aunt's flu or something. But no.

"I remember me and me sister June went to Helen's one day but no-one answered the door, so we went round and looked in through the window, and there was Helen's mum, up on the table, dancing around completely naked, and these two Americans..."

She paused for a chuckle, my sister and I look at each other nervously...

"...they were running around the table, slapping her on the bum with dead fish!"

Bloody American squaddies, coming over here and hitting our housewives with fish.
(, Thu 22 Oct 2009, 18:47, Reply)

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