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This is a question School fights

I don't remember much of the fight - it'd been building for weeks, petty things, knocking over my stuff, calling names - but it didn't last long... He hit me, I hit him, then *whack* he connected with my jaw and it all went black.

Coming round, surrounded by some friends, it was apparently "really cool". All I know is my head hurt. A lot.

Tell us about the legendary fights at school.

(, Fri 10 Mar 2006, 10:43)
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Sweet, sweet justice
Northern grammar school, sixth form - generally very civilised other than the (apparently genuinely) psychotic Tommy Crabtree. Small, blond-haired, incredibly unpleasant all-round cunt, with the unfortunate attribute of a reasonable level of intelligence to add imagination and creativity to his reasonless violence and persecution of others.
At the ad-hoc leaving drinks before A-level study leave, Tommy and his acolytes (generally ok except when they were with him) decides to torment a new target - the very fit, quite quiet and generally pretty 'together' Emily L. She doesn't rise to it - he gets more obnoxious. And more obnoxious. And then pours a drink over her. At which point, Emily calmly picks up the glass she's been drinking from, and breaks it over Tommy's evil little head - not much actual damage other than a severely cut ear, but so, so sweet to see his little cuntish face twisted with pain, fear, shock and rage.
Bet it still rankles being bested by a girl, doesn't it Tommy?
(Apparently he's still a cunt, so have no qualms about not changing his name)
(, Tue 14 Mar 2006, 18:29, Reply)

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