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This is a question Best Films Ever

We love watching films and we're always looking for interesting things to watch - so tell us the best movie you've seen and why you enjoyed it.

(, Thu 17 Jul 2008, 14:30)
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Not the Usual Suspects
I don't mean, not "The Usual Suspects" (cracking film), but not the usual suspects, as in, no Pythons, Godfathers, Hitchcocks, Shawshanks (never have understood why that always gets ranked *so* highly).

So here's a list of blinding, even life-changing films that might not get so much attention in this QOTW, roughly ordered in "for God's sake get out there and see it NOW" priority (most urgent at the top).

1. Come and See
2. The Seventh Seal
3. A Clockwork Orange
4. Fellini's 8 1/2
5. Fitzcarraldo
6. Breathless
7. Harold & Maude
8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
9. Once Upon a Time in the West
10. Oldboy
11. O Lucky Man!
12. Brazil
13. The Plague Dogs
(, Fri 18 Jul 2008, 16:37, 3 replies)
Saw Harold and Maude
I was disappointed, they never got to White Castle!
(, Fri 18 Jul 2008, 16:40, closed)
Come and See
Totally in agreement for 'Come and See.' I watched it late one night on the 'doze off and miss half the film' slot, but ended up not being able to sleep at all until about half-five.

Amazingly Elem Klimov, the director, never made another film, but once you've seen this you can understand why. It sucks out your entire soul just to watch, making it must have nearly destroyed him
(, Fri 18 Jul 2008, 17:09, closed)
some corkers there...
Nice to see someone else appreciate O Lucky Man!
(, Fri 18 Jul 2008, 17:48, closed)

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