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This is a question Fire!

We were all in my aunt's kitchen at the back of her huge rambling Victorian house. I was only small and had wandered off to go to the loo, but given up after finding the hall full of smoke. "That was quick," my mum said after a few minutes. "Yes - it's all smoky," I replied.

I've never seen adults move so fast.

So, like my cousin who'd managed to set fire to the roof, tell us your fire stories.

(, Thu 3 Nov 2005, 9:11)
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as a child, like many i was fascinated by fire, maiming small animals, and spent many hours on my own – the fact i was not prone to pissing in my bed is probably the only thing that got me off the FBI profile of a classic serial killer in the making. (Although i did tie my little sister up a fair amount also). Anyway (seeing as were chatting) our local shops at the time had some storage areas behind them (small brick 'porch' sort of deal at the back door). one lunchtime, whilst pissing around with flammable materials i managed to set a whole stack of papers and general garbage alight. As is the way with these things, things quickly got out of hand. rapidly panicking my mate and i tried to remove some stacks of burning paper out of the main blaze to try and get a grip on the situation - frantically tossing them to one side. Unfortunately the 'one side' available happened to be the back door of the local newsagents. i can now see it from the perspective of the terrfied asian man who opened the back door to his shop to find two lads in school uniform frantically 'barricading his exit' with burning bales of paper. As I say - quickly got out of hand.

Being sensible lads we legged it, however the reek of smoke from us did not escape our teacher who quickly grassed us to the police who called at my school that afternoon 'investigating a racially motivated attack on a local businessman'

i detest all forms of racism. shame is not the word.

i never apologise for length or anything else - sorry its just the way i am.
(, Mon 7 Nov 2005, 17:04, Reply)

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