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This is a question Fire!

We were all in my aunt's kitchen at the back of her huge rambling Victorian house. I was only small and had wandered off to go to the loo, but given up after finding the hall full of smoke. "That was quick," my mum said after a few minutes. "Yes - it's all smoky," I replied.

I've never seen adults move so fast.

So, like my cousin who'd managed to set fire to the roof, tell us your fire stories.

(, Thu 3 Nov 2005, 9:11)
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ooh too many to mention
Well let's start from the top:

Spraying lynx on your hand then lighting it hurts like buggery from the second the flame hits it, don't believe all this "it doesn't hurt for like 5 seconds" crap. Because of this trick, i despise the smell of lynx africa, reminds me of my own burning hair and flesh.

Ummm... once spelled out words on a wall in our 6th form common room with lighter fluid. I think you can guess what happened with that.

I think our crowning glory was covering an entire table in lighter fluid, lighting it then sitting back and marvelling. At which point the deputy head of our 6th form wandered in and had a look around. He didn't think anything of 6 of us frantically banging on the table and smothering the flames with our arms.

oh and because i'm a pedant:

What the hell is a "paramaniac"? Somebody who loves paras?

I think the word a lot of you are looking for is "Pyromaniac"
(, Tue 8 Nov 2005, 12:01, Reply)

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