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This is a question First World Problems

Onemunki says: We live in a world of genuine tragedy, starvation and terror. So, after hearing stories of cruise line passengers complaining at the air conditioning breaking down, what stories of sheer single-minded self-pity get your goat?

(, Thu 1 Mar 2012, 12:00)
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This wasnt his name, it was something different. He had a habit of whinging about everything and anything. and then typically within the same breath, mention his intentions to do something which obviously would lead amplifying said issues.

Let me explain.

Brian would whinge that he never had any money. Despite being on the same wage as me, and living at home with his mum and dad, he would would regularly update our team with his woes and debts. He would then boast of the expensive things he was buying that night.

Laptops were a common one, where in one breath he explained he was having to lend money off his mum for petrol to get to work, and in the same breath that he was hoping to buy a new laptop at the weekend. regardless of the fact he already had 2 laptops less than 9 months old, which he would boast of its power in his email signature. He needed another, purely for using in the bedroom.

I remember another time where he told me how he needed to buy a new car, the Clio he had just wasnt powerful enough, so he bought a new Audi, and then the following week complained that he was 'chewing tyres' this i assumed was down to his appetite to agressively pulling away from traffic lights over and over again. We warned that this would probably end up in another 'costly event' he laughed us off.

Instead a week later when he was driving me to work he 'aggresively pulled away from the traffic lights and both front tyres exploded. The next day sure enough, he explained how expensive a set of top of the range tyres were going to cost him, and that he was baffled at why he had managed to chew up a set of tyres so quickly.

Its not that im the type of person that skits or laughs at peoples woes, its that I cannot abide people who whinge about the woes they create without any intelligence to learn from mistakes.

He still lives at home with his mum and dad, with his wife... and 2 children.

Massively in debt.

I think it sums up a generation where Greed dictates, and that nothing gets in the way of getting what you want.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 16:41, 6 replies)
I read this as an allegory
It was quite satisfying
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 16:45, closed)
also, how do you asplode 2 FRONT tyres at once? even on a front wheel drive car?
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 16:57, closed)
looking at his tyres afterwards you could see the rims through the tyre.
upon asking why this had happened, he informed me his tyres had been like that for a while, yet hadnt bothered to address the issue. you know when you can see thread and metal through the tyre? Thats how long he had worn them.

...yet he still pulled away fast with this knowlegde.

He had to call his dad to take us to work. Which kinda explains his whole life being bailed out.

It was my turn for lifts the following week.
(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 17:15, closed)

(, Wed 7 Mar 2012, 17:40, closed)

I had to stop reading after "lend money off", sorry hope the rest of the story was good.
(, Thu 8 Mar 2012, 11:10, closed)
This doesn't make anyone look good.

(, Thu 8 Mar 2012, 13:08, closed)

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