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This is a question Films Recommendations

What's the best or most interesting film you've seen recently? Tell us what you got out of it and why we should watch it.

(, Thu 21 May 2015, 12:05)
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The Fall (2006)

Two patients in a hospital, a stuntman and a little girl. The adult manipulates the child by telling rambling story. The movie is amazing for the locations and the performance of the little girl.
(, Sat 23 May 2015, 3:28, 3 replies)
top film
the story behind it is almost as good as the one on screen.
The little girl's role is unscripted, it's just her responding to what she was given. She never saw Lee Pace walk so believed he actually was paralysed.
The mixup with the medicine 3/E was accidental, but it worked so well that it got folded in to the story, also I seem to remember that the way she lays out the photos changed what happens too.
(, Sat 23 May 2015, 8:25, closed)
It's one of those films
that teeters between magnificence and utter toss. I think it stays just about on the right side... but it could so easily have been awful.

Which, in a way, contributes to its magnificence.
(, Sat 23 May 2015, 9:59, closed)
I'll recommend this too
The guy's hit and miss as a director. But goddamn if there's anyone better at sticking a truly vivid and arresting image on a screen I'll eat my hat.
(, Sat 23 May 2015, 16:46, closed)

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