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This is a question Food sex

Tell us your tales of your custard fetish and the rash you got from a bottle of HP sauce. Because we've ALL had a cucumber stuck up our chuff at least once in our lives.

(Question from MissUnexpectedNuttering)

(, Thu 6 Aug 2009, 13:50)
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It burns
Mrs monders has a mouth full of cold champagne. She eyes my Wang like a dirty little minx and proceeds to pop it in her mouth. Mmmm, bubbly... Cold... Warm mouth parts. Very nice.

Then the bubbles make their way down my jizz pipe and Oh. My. God. Utter agony. It was like the clap test stick they use at the GUM clinic (all clear, thanks!) except much more lively. And caustic.

This also applies to any kind of fizzy drink. Trust me.

Sorry for general lack of comedy and lies
(, Fri 7 Aug 2009, 11:01, Reply)

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