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This is a question Food sex

Tell us your tales of your custard fetish and the rash you got from a bottle of HP sauce. Because we've ALL had a cucumber stuck up our chuff at least once in our lives.

(Question from MissUnexpectedNuttering)

(, Thu 6 Aug 2009, 13:50)
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I can't be the only b3tan...

...that thought, when they found that bloke that had got lost in the outback for about three weeks...

...I wonder how long it took before he had a meal of man-fat?

I mean: no food, no water, not much to do all day or night. Why not? Shame to waste it, it is good protein after all and a bit more appetising than a witchity grub.

You would, wouldn't you?
(, Fri 7 Aug 2009, 12:10, 3 replies)
But you'd probably expend more energy producing it than you'd get from it.

Useful though if you'd caught something to eat and you were short of salt.
(, Fri 7 Aug 2009, 14:14, closed)
Thanks for the
mental image I now have of Bear Grylls...
(, Fri 7 Aug 2009, 19:08, closed)
Witchity grubs are suprisingly horrible.

(, Mon 10 Aug 2009, 20:43, closed)

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