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This is a question Stuff I've found

Freddy Woo writes, "My non-prostitute-killing, lorry driving uncle once came home with a wedding cake. Found it in a layby, scoffed the lot over several weeks."

What's the best thing you've found?

(, Thu 6 Nov 2008, 11:58)
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Almost seven years ago now, my then gf ( and right nutter) wanted to have a look at the animals at the SPCA. Fair enough, i agreed, and off we went.

The first room was full of yer bunnies/rodents/small stinky things, neh, no thanks. About as fun as watching paint dry.

I lasted about 3 minutes in the dog kennels, leaving with tears in my eyes, feeling my resolve weakening with every yelp and ruffruff.

To the kittehs! The room was stacked floor to ceiling with all types of kittehs in cages, and in the corner was a "time-out room" where you and your pick of the litter could spend some quiet time, seeing how you both git along like. Unfortunately 2 cats were being mauled by 2 young children in said room, so it wasn't an option.
Perusing the cages i come by thgis little guy, calm as a cucumber, laying near the back of his cage. The sign said he was a four month old stray, and was VERY VOCAL! For shits and giggles i ask to see the kitteh, sat in a chair in the corner of the room with him, the attendants camouflage us behind some fake rubber trees. He lays across my shoulders, looking at me all matter-of-factly.

"fuck me!" methinks, 'I'll take him says I!"

His name is battlecat and i don't even know where i'd be without him, the old prick.
(, Sun 9 Nov 2008, 3:56, 4 replies)
I found out I love that you called him Battlecat
(, Sun 9 Nov 2008, 10:59, closed)
An me too!

What an awesome name!
(, Sun 9 Nov 2008, 12:36, closed)
My cat found me and I love him
even if he is a bit of a cunt.
Jasper wandered in to a friends kitchen one day and refused to leave. He was a tiny kitten and no one claimed him when my friend asked her neighbours. So he was shipped over to me and he promptly set up home on my bed.

Two years on and he still snuggles up to me when I am asleep. I wake up and find his head resting on one shoulder and my girlfriend rests her head on the other. Then I feel as happy as a pig in shit.

Women and cats make my life good, so I gave you clickeys.
(, Sun 9 Nov 2008, 19:03, closed)
Are crap and should be removed!
(, Mon 10 Nov 2008, 1:01, closed)

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