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This is a question Get Rich Quick

Jabboy contacted us because he's skint. So what have you done to make money fast? Did you actually make anything, or were you just ripped off by someone who really was getting rich quick? Did you have to sell your soul?

PS. Jabboy is available for rent on 0870 88673242

(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 16:57)
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Scam the scammers
My idea is to set-up a premium rate number that would work with international calls (about £50 per minute) Record a fax onto it (or possibly just set it up as a premium rate digital fax) and then hand out the number to as many Nigerian scammers as possible. Hey presto free money & no moral ambiguity. If you are interested I think you can set-up just such a line on the Cook Islands for about £100 you might as well get your .co.ck domain whilst you are at it :)

*Edit* I had also thought of doing this as a non profit enterprise by providing the Serious Fraud Offices/FBI's Fax details.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 12:28, 4 replies)
is blooming genius
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 13:24, closed)
No moral ambiguity?
Well, I suppose in the sense that there's no moral ambiguity about setting fire to kittens, you might be right...
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 14:02, closed)
the problem
with having the socially moral rectitude that enzyme indisputably does, imho, is that not everyone is like that. if the world were populated by scrupulous people, there would be no crime, and therefore no need to set up such scams to punish the scammers. but as it is, surely being outscummed is the only thing an amoral scumbag understands?

god i am getting slowly more and more right wing, and agreeing with statements that would have horrified me a few years ago. hell, i am turning into my DAD!!!
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 14:06, closed)
this is actually a good idea.
Would it even be illegal?

EDIT: they'd be calling from payphones surely, so they'd just run out of money.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 16:10, closed)

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