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This is a question Get Rich Quick

Jabboy contacted us because he's skint. So what have you done to make money fast? Did you actually make anything, or were you just ripped off by someone who really was getting rich quick? Did you have to sell your soul?

PS. Jabboy is available for rent on 0870 88673242

(, Thu 31 Jul 2008, 16:57)
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This question is now closed.

EDIT: Just read Kip's post even further down and now I feel like a fool for repeating his idea. Oh well, I added some bonus guff about football.

Browser's post about roulette below reminded me -

Most casinos have some sort of system in place to prevent this from happening, but you can often avoid detection just by moving around tables.

It works like this: say you're at a roulette table, and you bet £1 on black. One of two things will happen -

1) Black wins - £2 return, £1 profit (2-1)
2) Black loses - if this happens, double your bet and place £2 on black next time, again, one of two things will happen -

1) Black wins - £4 return, £1 profit (4-2-1)
2) Black loses - double your bet and place £4 on black etc etc.

As soon as you win a bet, go back to £1 and start over.

It's important to set yourself a high limit (what's the most you're prepared to lose?) and not exceed it. The higher your high limit, the less risk is involved, but you don't want to get into a position where you're risking a couple of hundred quid each time. But obviously the odds of losing the 7 or 8 times in a row that it takes to be risking that kind of money are pretty low.

You can do a similar thing with betting on a player to score in football every time they play. If it's a player who scores every few games (say Drogba, Torres, not Ronaldo as his odds are often too low). It is important to make sure that their odds are consistently above 2/1. The beauty of this is that if they go 2 or 3 matches without scoring, their odds get slightly longer and you make more money when the bet eventually pays off.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 13:51, 14 replies)
Get Rich, quick!
We were sitting in our living room watching TV, Richard was in the garden when this news article came on about a gardener's convention, Mum said to me : 'GET RICH, QUICK!'

/leaves by fire exit
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 13:22, Reply)
Eeeeeeesy money.
My grandad just gave me £500 today. Didn't have to do anything, just sat here looking pretty : )
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 13:20, 10 replies)
A work Collegue flies to vegas once a year for a week to play poker, he is a mathmetician and claims that give him an advantage right away. His system...

1. Stay on UK time, that way you wake up, shower, have breakfast and go to play poker in the early hours of the morning with people a lot more tired and drunk than you.

2. No Alcohol

And thats it. He always wins enough to cover his flights, hotels, food etc and brings home more money than he went out with.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 13:17, 5 replies)
Stoozing - make money on credit cards
I've had a quick flick through and couldn't see this mentioned before. I was planning on writing an e-book and selling it on ebay for a fiver - but I'll give you the gist of it for free.

This is really *REALLY* simple.

1) Find a credit card which has a long interest-free balance transfer offer,
2) Transfer the balance into an ISA (or any other high interest account),
3) Meet the minimum payments for the interest-free period,
4) Pay back the balance transfer,
5) Profit.

...and now the story...

A few weeks ago I was sat, on a Sunday morning, in bed with my laptop. I was applying for an "Egg" credit card. The deal was 12 months interest free credit.

I plugged in all my details and waited for the computer to say "no".

It didn't say no. It said "£8,600".

Eight Thousand and Six Hundred Pounds.

They were going to give me over EIGHT GRAND interest free for a year. All I had to do was stick it in a high interest account and not touch it for a year.

On a fairly standard ISA at 5%, that's a profit of £430. Not bad.

When offset against my mortgage, a profit of nearly £600 tax free.

It literally took me 10 minutes to apply for the card, 5 to set up the transfer, 5 to move it to my high interest account and another 5 to set up the repayment direct debit. 30 seconds to set a reminder on my phone for a year's time to pay off the balance.

£600 for an hour's work. Sat in my dressing gown. I hadn't even had breakfast.

Rinse, repeat. Find special card offers, anniversary deals, store cards, any way you can to borrow money for free.

To be fair, you need a reasonable credit rating. You also need to be aware that there aren't loads of these deals about.

Currently I've got a few credit cards and a couple store cards on the go. I've borrowed ~£22,000 interest free in total.

Over a year, that's a profit of about £1,500. Assuming you're using an ISA or offset mortgage, that's tax free cash in your hand. Don't be afraid to haggle with your credit card provider - ask for more money and a longer interest free period. A refusal may offend - but an acceptance gets you more free money.

Not enough to retire, but enough for a good holiday, nice TV, odd bottle of champagne and I get to stick two fingers up to the credit card industry.

You need to be obsessive over your minimum repayments. If you miss even one, your 0% interest goes to 22% and all your profits are wiped out.

Use a spreadsheet, calendar, direct debits, etc. If you do it right, it's effortless cash.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 12:58, 10 replies)
I took my gf to a casino once.

I wandered over to the roulette table where she was playing.

She'd been on there for a while so I thought she must be doing OK. I watched for a bit, and she made exactly the same bet each time - £1 on red, £1 on black. £1 on red, £1 on black.

Eventually I said - "you do realise you're just getting your money back each time?" and she snapped "well I've still got what I came in with, which is more than you can say".

No arguing with that.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 12:56, 1 reply)
Any day now…

I’m just off to the patent office to register my idea for the ‘Thatcher is Dead – Thank Fuck!’ Commemorative mug.

Each one is crafted from Fine Bone China and has a picture of the old hag with a cross through it – Ghostbusters style.

Also, when you tilt the mug it plays ‘Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead’ from the Wizard Of Oz.

Get your orders in early, folks. I have a feeling they’re going to shift pretty fast.

(c) Pooflake ltd. 2008
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 12:02, 38 replies)
I once considered Prostitution…

But not for financial gain…just for the love of the job.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 11:44, Reply)
Lesson of my life
Something I have been completely unable to adhere to but would save me hundreds, nay, thousands of pounds:

Do not drink alcohol. Ever. So you think you like one or two here or there. Well soon that turns into 4 or 5 and then 8 or 9. Before you know it you're spending hundreds of quid a weekend straight from your measly wage. Do not drink alcohol.

Also Martins money tips is quite good. I recommend thoroughly.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 11:37, 5 replies)
sex lines
I've often thought that there'd be loads of money to be made by writing and recording some premium sex tapes and encouraging people to call in at £1.50 an hour. The recordings that are out there are (allegedly) utter shite.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 11:05, 12 replies)
Foxybadger's post reminded me of this...

About 10 years ago I bought a guitar. It was fucking brilliant. I did the decent thing and gigged heavily with it, treating it like shit and bashing it about the place shouting ’Rawk!’ at every juncture.

Time went by – the guitar (named Debbie…long story) got evermore battered and eventually had to be replaced by a new one.

I feel I should mention here that this is NOT a pun post…I know I’ve started it like one, but it isn’t..

Debbie went up in the loft and began to gather dust. Recently, upon falling on difficult times I felt that, despite the emotional attachment, the time was right to bung her on Ebay and sell her.

Despite her costing a couple of hundred quid originally, Due to her condition I was expecting to get about £20

I then did a bit of checking on t’interweb and found something intersting – It turns out that Debbie was a limited edition ‘cross-breed’ between Gibson and Epiphone. They only hand made about 100 of these guitars over a one year period.

I put this in the listing. I now expected about £50.

In the listing I was brutally honest. I mentioned that she was old, had been gigged to death, was battered, bashed, had dents, buckle-rash, rust and needed shitloads of work to restore.

When it came to taking the photos – Debbie saved me a swansong. She looked absolutely sensational. Although totally accidental, the lighting, positioning and everything about the photos made Debbie look absolutely stunning.

Again, I did the honest thing. I actually mentioned that the photos were incredibly flattering when I put her on Ebay.

Consequently, some absolute cuntblanket who obviously didn’t read the listing, snapped Debbie up on the strength of the photos alone. He paid £150.

‘Crikey’ I thought.

Because I’m not a biblical simpleton, I immediately had my doubts that the buyer would be happy with his purchase. Nevertheless, I wrapped Debbie up as best I could, said my goodbyes, insured the delivery and sent her on her way to her new owner.

Despite a bit of a Parcelforce delay, he eventually received my beloved ex guitar.

Now I obviously wasn’t there but I can say with a fair amount of certainty what happened next...

The buyer unwrapped Debbie, thought ‘fuck this’, leaned her up against a wall and kicked her until her neck snapped.

He then gazzed me to complain about receiving a damaged item and said he was going to report me to Ebay. He wanted his money back and wasn’t even prepared to pay for Debbie’s return.

Consequently, the ‘false politeness’ emails started to-ing and fro-ing between he & I, going basically like this:

Me (intended): Look you cumsponge, I know what you’ve done…so suck it up and stick with the guitar. Next time, read the fucking listing, twatbasket.
Me (Actual): I’m sorry to hear of your predicament but I can assure you the item was packaged very well. I can promise you sir, the guitar was fine when I sent it.

Him (intended): There’s no way I’m paying that kind of money for that piece of shit – I kicked it in the cunt, you’re having it back and I’m not going to lose a minute’s sleep or one penny over it
Him (Actual): Oh this is a terrible situation and I’m very disappointed to receive this fine instrument damaged.

Me: (Fuck you!) Oh dear…
Him: (Fuck you!) Oh dear…

Etc. Etc. Stalemate.

Then between us we hit on a plan…

Let’s blame poor Parcelforce!

I filled out one piece-of-piss-to-fill-out form, claimed that they must have damaged it in transit and less than two weeks later received £150 compo. I then gave a full refund to wankstain and he returned Debbie to me under orders from Paypal

So everyone did alright…except for Parcelforce of course.

I am going to hang the guitar up on my wall (I was going to say ‘mount her’ but I know what you lot are like) as a reminder to never let anything with sentimental value go again.

However, I must admit, that after stumbling across this ‘result’ I wished I had put more thought into it and wondered what future scams I could use this for…

But all in all, I don’t know what the moral of this story is.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 11:04, 4 replies)
Roulette Anyone?

Guaranteed way to win at Roulette?:

But just so you know the risks, here're the maths for when it goes wrong:

1. You bet £1 to Red
2. Result: Black (your loss is £1)
3. Then bet £2 to Red
4. Result: Black (your loss is £3)
5. Then bet £4 to Red
6. Result: Black (your loss is £7)
7. Then bet £8 to Red (and do the same until Red comes up)
8. Result: Red (You win £8)

the result at the end is win £8, but you've already lost £7, so you're only £1 up.

The problem is, if you get a long sequence of losing

Example 2:
1. You bet £1 to Red
2. Result: Black (your loss is £1)
3. Then bet £2 to Red
4. Result: Black (your loss is £3)
5. Then bet £4 to Red
6. Result: Black (your loss is £7)
7. Then bet £8 to Red
8. Result: Black (your loss is £15)
9. Then bet £16 to Red
10. Result: Black (your loss is £31)
11.Then bet £32 to Red
12. Result: Black (your loss is £63)
13. Then bet £64 to Red
14. Result: Black (your loss is £127)
15. Then bet £128 to Red
16. Result: Black (your loss is £255)
17. Then bet £256 to Red
18. Result: Black (your loss is £511)
19. Then bet £512 to Red
20. Result: Black (your loss is £1023)
21. Then bet £1024 to Red

If red then comes up you'll be £1 up; £1024 returned, £1024 win minus your £1023 losses, leaves £1 up. so you're betting £1024 to win £1.
If black comes however, you're £2047 down, and now need to bet £2048 to win £1.

So basically each time you start the system, your maximum profit is £1.

But your maximum loss is whatever is in your wallet.

So the system basically makes a very slow small profit until you get a run of losses - in the example above 10 blacks in a row and you're £1000 down.

You don't have an unending supply of money so a few more blacks and there's no way you can make the bet.

But statistically it's not very likely you say...?

Well 'statistically' its not very likely, say 1 in 1000 attempts it comes up 10 blacks in a row.

so 999 times you win £1 = £999
1 time it comes 10 blacks, you cant afford the 11th bet, so = -£1023
overall £24 down

If you can afford the £1024 bet then its going to come 11 blacks 1 in 2000 attempts

1999 times you win £1 = £1999
1 time it comes 11 blacks you can't afford the £2048 so = -£2047
overall down £48

Also consider the fact that 1 in 37 times it comes in on zero, giving you a refund of half your bet - basically another losing bet on the previous level, so the actual figures would be even worse.

So to sum up - repeated £1 wins, followed by the odd huge loss

And there you have it....


(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 10:51, 12 replies)
How to make friends and influence postmen
This is my first post here, so please be gentle...

An old crack addict associate of mine (friend of a friend of a friend you meet once in town and never talk to again) somehow managed to gain a job as my local postman when I was living with friends in my second year of uni. This was in a huge student estate in Birmingham, so everyone knew each other pretty well. House parties were often, relationships were strong, so when cash started disappearing from birthday cards and letters from pension-absorbing relatives the finger of blame quite easily felt on Postman Crack.

EDIT (a few people think I'm just working on suspicion that the poor addict did it and got him unfairly shitcanned): Over time the thievery got a bit less subtle. Envelopes were ripped open or left on the pavement before they were delivered, and after pulling an allnighter and crawling back at 9 in the morning from town we caught our postie fumbling through the latest hand-written letters and ripping open a card. He told us to fuck off, and we did. We were pissed, tired and full of curry, and he was probably high. We had a bit of an understanding there and were rewarded with stinking hangovers for our cowardice 12 hours later.

After quite a few reports to the guy's superiors who were 'addressing the problem' in traditional bureaucratic effficiency, we eventually got bored of being ripped off and tried to see if we could make some money back from the bloke's addiction.

Cut to the local pub, a lot of empty pint glasses and a trio of students held together by Strongbow and pork scratchings. A lot of thought was given to the subject, as well as how to chat up the big-titted barmaid and how many more pints we could squeeze in before happy hour was over. Eventually our drunken logic led us to the conclusion that if the postie could get away with nicking cash, we might as well see what else he could take, or at least be framed for.

Thank God for online shopping. We hatched a scheme of ordering small but expensive student items (DVD boxsets of the latest releases and games) from large retailers and having them delivered by our substance-ridden friend (who obviously thought they were too risky to nick). After waiting the two week expected delivery period, we'd get on to the companies that we didn't receive a damn thing and get the product resent. A fortnight later, we still played the innocence card, and after 4 Godfather Trilogys, 3 PES2008s and a couple more things, the retailer eventually got the idea that postie was corrupt. He was consequently sacked and nicked for theft. Sure, I lost 30 quid in birthday card currency, but half my mates now had Pro for the rest of the year free of charge.

Length? 6 years, but considering the Home Office's ability to manage prisoners he should be out on Sunday.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 10:39, 6 replies)
Tuck Shop Extortion
Back when I was in year 7 (1997) our year went on a school trip to Netherswell Manor.

On the first night there was panic as everyone had heard the tuck shop wouldn't be opening on the first night. Luckily me being a mothered little shit my mother had packed me off with a bumper pack of wagon wheels, monster munch and calypso drinks (anyone remember those?)

At first I stupidly opened them up and started gourging myself whilst laughing at the plight of my fellow students going to sleep without any sweets which are the lifeblood of any young school child.

I came upon a plan to sell each item at 50p each. At first orders were slow and I managed to make about £5 from my room, but before I knew it the entire manor had descended upon my room. I'd like to add some hilarity but everyone kept in line and I made about £20 by the end of it.

This money not only paid for any tuck shop sweets I wanted for the remainder of the week but it also paid for some comics i'd had my eye on when I got back home.

Should I have just given away all the food to the needy? Do I regret my DelBoy mineral water selling extortionate pricing scheme? Do I fuck.

*POP* - Apologies for price.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 10:05, 1 reply)
Ok, I’ll admit it…perhaps not the ‘quickest’ way…

Step 1: Have an IQ the equivalent of a squashed asparagus in a bucket of sick

Step 2: Develop unhealthy gun obsession and ‘stalker’ mentality

Step 3: Shoot Jill Dando*

Step 4: Get banged up for a few years at the taxpayer’s expense
(Note: you may think this is enough of a result for a certified fuckspack, but it gets better)

Step 5: Get freed after forensic evidence is not allowed in the appeal, and the defence is based around the fact that because you are as thick as pigshit, you couldn’t possibly do anything horrid. (despite your previous convictions for attempted rape and indecent assault).

Step 6: Get fucking great wadges of wonga in compensation (again at the taxpayer’s expense)

Step 7: Sell story to newspapers for 5 figure sum.

Step 8: Ker-ching!

Who’s the ‘thickie’ now eh?

But it’s alright ladies…he’s promised to not stalk any more…because he says he ’knows it’s wrong’

Justice Vs Barry George – whoever wins…we lose.

*(I realise this one is a bit difficult now – so find someone else…may I recommend Noel Edmonds?)
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 9:44, 10 replies)
Make up a story about a huge sum of money ..
.. somewhere in Africa. Say, US$28,300,000.00, in some Angolan bank account. Mail a lot of random people about how only they can help you withdraw the money. Offer 25% of the sum as a bait. Eventually someone will take it and come.

Now, here is the great thing .. while this sucker gets only 25% of the sum, you get to keep 75%! 21 million USD is a lot of money.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 9:29, 4 replies)
OK. Being serious here - £2000 over the last 10 weeks
I've made £2000 over the last 10 weeks, and expect to make an extra £200 to £400 a month for the next year, if not longer.

I've been pondering whether to post this, mainly in case I scramble my own golden egg (if you'll pardon the mixed metaphors). But I finally came to the conclusion that the information is out there if you look for it, so I might as well. When I've described it to other people, I've always said that it's not a get rich quick scheme. You can see my numbers above, so I'll let you decide how quick it is!

This is an entirely legitimate, low risk, way to make some extra money, and I'm quite happy to tell anyone who's interested all about it. You do need a some money up front - around about £150 or so is good - but this is purely for working capital requirements (you're not buying something up front or selling things on).

Purely for the sake of berevity, I don't want to go into all the details here (see the linky below). However, the idea is to take advantage of the introductory free-bet offers made by on-line bookmakers. Sounds risky? It isn't - because it uses a concept called matched betting to eliminate the risk while making sure you are able to extract the value of the free bet. It can be slightly complicated though - you need to be comfortable with spreadsheets, and you will need to understand how betting exchanges like Betfair work!

I want to make one point very clear. While it's dealing with bookmakers and betting exchanges - so long as you do it properly and follow the guidelines, this is not gambling (or at least not as it's normally defined).

Apologies if this sounds a bit too much like a sales pitch. There's nothing directly in it for me (although there are ways you can help me out if you decide to do this). I'm certainly not asking you for any money, e.g. you don't have to buy a "system". You just need to have half a brain, some spare time, and some patience while you're learning how to do it! It worked out well for me...

If you're interested, I've put my notes online this evening:

Here's the Linky

EDIT (06/08/08): OK, it's a little more readable now, I've tarted the design up a bit and the font's a bit bigger. If you give up the first time, go back and have another look.

If you've got any questions, then gaz me or comment/mail me via the site.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 1:06, 4 replies)
child labour
i made loads of money as a kid. in summer, i used to stand outside sainsbury's with my brother and offer to take people's trolleys back for them. this was when trolleys had to have 20p put in them, of course. we'd often get extra money for helping to put shopping into people's cars for them, too. it was easy to make over £200 in a week, which was blown on sweets, smokes and crap.

then there was penny for the guy. that was good for extra cash, too. if you chose the right spot, you could get around £70 a day. mum still tells her friends of the time she had her purse stolen and, without telling her, i took my homemade guy out in her shopping trolley. within 2 hours, i'd made enough money to fill the trolley with food and carry the guy home. mum was so touched by this that she cried, which was sweet. the only problem was the idiots who thought it was funny to give you one penny and try to take your guy. it wasn't funny at all.

then there was that good old yuletide favourite, carol singing. what could be better than warbling out some festive crap for strangers who will give you money just to get rid of you? well, those that didn't try to palm you off with a tangerine, anyway. the best i ever managed was £57 with my cousin in just under 3 hours. i don't know many jobs that pay that well!

if i'd been smarter, i'd have saved all the money i made as a kid. i'm sure it would easily have been in the thousands. instead, i blew it all on childish things and had a great time with it.

i don't care about being rich. as long as the bills are paid and i can put food on the table, money isn't important. it's how you spend time that counts.
(, Tue 5 Aug 2008, 0:42, 3 replies)
I went to a police auction.
Didn't win a single policeman.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 23:19, Reply)
Tsunami Shmoonami
Unemployed and with no money-making work on the horizon, I got hammered in my local pub and returned to my flat and blurrily watched an emotive fund-raising advert for the survivors of the Tsunami.

I remember picking up the phone.

One day later, I remembered to check my bank balance... and cried.

One week later, I realised I would have to leave my flat and quite possibly become homeless.

One month later, I was living on the floor of the spare room in my friend's house. In Brighton. Thus effectively ending my career in London.

One year later, I got my life back together and revived my career.

Two years later, I read the news story 'hundreds of thousands of pounds raised in Britain did not even get to the people who needed it most following the Tsunami'.

I don't drink so much these days and I know someone somewhere got the remainder of my money.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 22:36, 4 replies)
Do a bit of digging on Google to find out if there are ways of getting money easily (and free) out of almost anything you can think of...

Pub Bandits... all have a "drop" code, also all have jackpot instructions somewhere on the internet because someone somewhere will have cracked them.

E-books... free guides on everything, mostly Get Rich Quick Schemes.

Police Auctions... seized goods sold off cheaply.

Repossesion auctions...see above

Graded Stock... Returns and products taken back to shops under warranty that cant be sold as new by the shops, normally sold in Job Lots by the pallet which can be sold on eBay for a lot of profit.

Reward Schemes... ask Jeccy and his shiny free games consoles.

Marketing companies... willing to send you free stuff in return for product reviews or sign you up for prodcut testing.

My favourite one up here in Newcastle is the Nexus/Metro auction every year, sells off all the Lost and Found junk kept in the local bus and metro depots etc. Got an Xbox 360 for £50 last year!
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 22:32, 1 reply)
My friend bought a case of two dozen Cuban cigars. Cost truckloads. He had them insured, along with his other possessions, under his normal fire, theft etc policy.

Then he smoked the cigars and claimed them on his policy for loss due to fire! Ha! The insurance company was buggered and were ordered to pay out. They did so reluctantly and my mate was paid out $10k.

Then he got arrested for 24 counts of arson. Bummer.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 21:44, 6 replies)
A few years ago, I bought a guide from ebay for £2.99
About casino gambling. I followed it and I made £600 then it stopped working (although I got out at the point, keeping the £600). Obviously the reason it worked for a bit was becuase it was bascially Martingale, taking account of bonus offers and the like. Who was really getting rich here? The bloke selling the guides of course. By looking into casino affiliates, I found he was making £200 a pop, no questions asked for signing people up to this casino, whether they made money or lost it. He was selling a good few a day.

I thought "I need to get in on this" and set about making a casino review website. What did I need to make this? I had very little understanding of basic HTML, let alone CSS and god forbid any server side scripting and databases. I set about learning them quickly and over the next few months built up the website and then got bored of it because I wasn't making any money from it.

However, a fortunate side-effect of it was that I was now fairly proficient in not only HTML and CSS, but also PHP and MySQL as well as fairly good in Photoshop and the principles of website design. And now I have a job in that field. Had it not been for that, I would be working in Tescos no doubt.

Moral of the story: Get rich quick schemes - go for them!

Anyone want to join an online casino?
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 21:33, 2 replies)
The deutschmark scam
I'm surprised no one has posted this, but before the currency changes, the old one and two shilling piece, which became the old 5p and 10p piece (you could glue two fives together and spray paint gold for a pound coin looky-likey, TH to davywavy), were dead ringers for the 1DM and 2DM coins in Germany.

That's not so useful, until you know this and go to Germany on a school exchange, and realise that vending machines will sell you tabs* at 4DM a packet at the time (about 2 euros or £1.50, and IIRC that was about the same as in the UK at the time). So the next year, the school exchange is a tab-buying festival, for 20p a packet (which was a bit less than the price of a Mars bar) **.

It was unbelievable, the coins were precisely the same weight and size, despite being totally different values, I can't believe that it was allowed. Good for our school's smokers, though (and smoking was one of the sports we excelled in back before the coke craze). Now of course, tabs are EUR3.50 (£3) a packet in Germany so it seems that cheap anyway...

* cigarettes
** not for me - I have many vices but tabs is not one of them. ***
*** I may have done it once to confirm the 'urban myth' of it all...it was just too unbelievable.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 21:00, 2 replies)
It's all relative
I always considered that chattels were gained by hard work. How wrong I am.

Do fuck all. Attend a dole office where you bemoan your inability to get gainful employment. Cash cheque. Exist off scratch cards and sunny delight. Repeat ad infinitum.

It's not getting rich quick but where the rest of us slog our bollocks off for 40 plus hours a week I can't help but wonder who's ahead.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 20:22, 6 replies)
completely legal
Stood on the street corner at night on the bad side of town and sold caffeine pills to the cops that drove by wondering if I was a hooker.Made about $300 that day. I was 17.
(, Mon 4 Aug 2008, 20:07, Reply)

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