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This is a question God

Tell us your stories of churches and religion (or lack thereof). Let the smiting begin!

Question suggested by Supersonic Electronic

(, Thu 19 Mar 2009, 15:00)
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I was going to hell, now it's about religion!
my first pea....

Picture this, I grew up in a small Cornish Village at the heart of which was a Methodist church where I was forced to go to Sunday School. I was 11 and had long ago decided that the whole religion thing was not for me.

I think it was about 1983 and I had just began to develop an interest in Heavy Metal and Iron Maiden in particular.

It was just before Christmas and the church had decided that the older members of Sunday School would each read a passage of their choosing from the Bible at one of the services leading up to Christmas.

I chose a passage and duly practiced it for the few weeks preceeding the big day. However, on the day an 11 year old Vauxhall Burgundy approached the pulpit, placed a hand firmly on each side and fixed the congregation with a manic glare and proceeded to deliver the opening spoken lines from 'Number of the Beast'. (If you don't know what they are then this story may well pass you by!)

Nobody stopped me and when I had finished a sea of horrified faces stared at me. I stood back, took and bow and left - never went back to Sunday school, the Minister had a word with my parents and suggested that my attitude wasn't quite right!
(, Thu 19 Mar 2009, 16:09, 4 replies)
Let's see if I can remember this...
"Woe, to you, oh earth and sea, for the devil sends his beast with wrath. Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast; for it is a human number.
It's number is six hundred and sixty six."
How'd I do?
(, Thu 19 Mar 2009, 16:22, closed)
not bad - you missed the bit 'for he knows that time is short' after wrath - but 10 out of 10!
(, Tue 24 Mar 2009, 17:19, closed)
You get a click for actually getting to quote Iron Maiden (in a roundabout sort of way) inside Church.
(, Thu 19 Mar 2009, 16:28, closed)
ooo so which Cornish village me ol boot?
(, Thu 19 Mar 2009, 22:57, closed)

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