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This is a question God

Tell us your stories of churches and religion (or lack thereof). Let the smiting begin!

Question suggested by Supersonic Electronic

(, Thu 19 Mar 2009, 15:00)
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When the last Pope died
I sent my CV to the Vatican applying for the job. I'm not a Catholic or even Christian but I thought in these days of equal opportunities they can't refuse someone a job on such grounds.

I never heard back from them. Still, they were fucking livid down the Jobcentre when I put in on my "What I've done to find work in the last fortnight" form.
(, Wed 25 Mar 2009, 19:12, 1 reply)
You put in more effort than I used to when I was on the "rock 'n' roll" as they say in Cockneyland.
(, Wed 25 Mar 2009, 19:52, closed)

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