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This is a question Guilty Pleasures

You know, those little things you do when nobody else is around. OK so some of them are rude, but we reckon there are a whole lot more innocent ones out there: my g/f this morning admitted to climbing the stairs on all fours when I wasn't around, and loving it...

(, Thu 7 Apr 2005, 9:11)
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Lotsa stuff
I's scary how many I have. Never really thought about it...

1) Sniffing things... My fingers after a good scratch of my arse or down there or my armpit, fit girls in crowds/as they walk past, even my shoes though they are vile.

2) Squeezing spots

3) Picking my nose and eating it. Don't we all?

4) Resting my hand idly on my balls when on the computer

5) Pissing in the shower/bath/sink or in swimming pools

6) Dancing madly to really loud music when on my own

7) walking round the house naked when on my own of course, but that isn't very often

8) Feeling superior to people when I know I'm cleverer than them, and correcting their mistakes. Correcting people who criticise my "pedancy" is my faviourite :D. I also like being a perfectionist when it comes to spelling/grammar etc.

9) "Accidentally" touching girls arses as they walk past or in crowds. And saying "I want to fuck you" or words to that effect in my head when with hot girls.

10) Climbing the stairs on all fours :D I've been doing that all my life... gets some odd looks at school...

11) Pulling out my hair (head hair) :P

12) Farting in bed or in the bath, then deliberately smelling it... mmm

13) Peeling off dried PVA from my hands... A lot of people seem to have said that but I don't care

14) Picturing killing people I'm talking to... usually with a massive pickaxe in the head... so stress relieving.

15) Masturbating with other people around

16) And of course... Reading B3ta when I should be revising/doing coursework/working.

17) making a really long post even though I don't really have anything original to say... and then not apologising... bwahahaha

EDIT: geolokk: :( It's a typo... honest. But I'll leave it in for the benefit of people reading this. You in turn might like to be alerted to the fact that it's "pedantry" not "pedancy"... the very mistake to which the sentence pertains. I hope that was deliberate. :)
(, Tue 12 Apr 2005, 12:57, Reply)

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