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This is a question Guilty Pleasures

You know, those little things you do when nobody else is around. OK so some of them are rude, but we reckon there are a whole lot more innocent ones out there: my g/f this morning admitted to climbing the stairs on all fours when I wasn't around, and loving it...

(, Thu 7 Apr 2005, 9:11)
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Not me, but someone I know...
One of my friends enjoys peeling the dead skin off her feet and offering it to people nearby. Makes me wonder just exactly *what* kind of people I associate with...
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 18:47, Reply)
I can...
urinate on demand by licking my palm and rotating my "glans" on the wet spot.

Not sure how I found this out, but comes in handy if you need to give a sample and cant.

It also feels, er nice?

Sorry, but this sounded better in my head.

(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 17:24, Reply)
when bored/lazy
trying to move objects on my desk, or summon tv remote controls using jedi mind powers.

(actually thinking about it, if I ever managed to develop jedi mind powers I wouldn't need a tv remote)
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:57, Reply)
Polite Driving!
Much the same as an earlier post: Loudly saying "you're welcome" to anyone who doesn't say "thank you".

Especially if i've held the door open for someone.

But with an additional bit of 'psycho' behaviour when driving. In a traffic jam, I once stopped to let a guy out of a side turning (giving him a friendly little wave as well) and he just f***ing ignored me. So for the next twenty minutes, every time I drew level with his car I tapped on his passenger window and screamed "THANK YOU" at him. Towards the end he looked quite scared and wouldn't even look at me!

Well, I was having a bad day.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:57, Reply)
Fairly normal
Rant to my self in the car
Sining various Denis Leary songs (I'm an asshole!!)

Minor acts of virtual anarchy ie: TO LET signs being wittily changed to TOILET in my head

reciting the entier script of the orignal Star wars trilliogy including sound effects and alien dialogue.. maybe I shouldn't be sharing that one....

Spanking my monkey in a new place.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:42, Reply)
its really annoying when i do it but i always talk to myself during films (not at the cinema). i say things like "dont go in there" or "behind you". funnily enought no one watches films with me any more.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:41, Reply)
Using the Force
Walking up to automatic doors and making a little Ben Kenobi hand movement in perfect synchronisation with the doors opening.

Just me?

(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:40, Reply)
oooh, another one!
sitting in a library right now at college 'doing work' and i just rememebered that i also like to put pieces of food between the pages of books that i think my friends may have to get out for the course. bacon and chicken slices with mayonnaise r particularly good. i call it book fishin n have so far caught 3 of my friends from 11 attempts. as far as i know, the other 8 are still on the shelf!
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:06, Reply)
Smelling the sweaty bit...
under my watch band. I also love it when my front nether regions are pungent and sniff at them when I watch telly!
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:04, Reply)
My flatmate is a cock
and he annoys the piss out of me and hes filthy and smells, so everythime he leaves the house i wander up to his room and break something that he likes, or scratch up his favourite dvd/playstation game/music cd to within and inch of its round metallic life, then file it away. He really got on my tits the other day, so when i came home drunk and found his hair clippers at the top of the stairs outside my room covered in hair, i decided to help him 'clean them'. that is to say i submerged them in a sink of water for ten minutes until there is absolutle no chance of them ever working. to make sure i slammed them against the wall a couple of times, and took out a screw. feel a bit quilty every time i do something, but i fucking despise him. irritable bastard.

apologys for the length + girth = nil. we all love a big fat one sometimes!
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 16:03, Reply)
Geeky video game music.
I'm quite a fan of retro video games. My favorite arcade game has always been Outrun. When I first played it at the age of 7 I knew that it was always going to be ace and hold a place in my heart.

Anyway, one day I stumbled across another Outrun 'fan' on tinternet who has a website, www.outrun.org/new/

I downloaded the Xbox versions of the classic music from the game.
I now take unhealthy pleasure in listening to these tunes while driving my Smart Car round Nottingham ring road, pretending I'm actually driving a Ferrari, with a lovely lady by my side.

Christ. It's only when I write this stuff down, do I realise what a loser I am! Thanks B3ta.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 15:57, Reply)
Electric fix
my old home telephone number was very similar to the local electricity firm's no, so naturally whenever there was a power cut we would have several dunce heads mis-dialing our number thinking we were the electric people.

The game was to pretend to be the receptionist and answer all their questions without sniggering whilst dreaming up the most wildly innappropriate responses, such as the power's NEVER ever coming back on and you'd better go out right now and stock up on candles and tins of beans. I also used to put the phone right next to my Dad's speakers and play Monty Python clips to them which confused them utterly.

I feel a bit guilty in retrospect not for those thickos but for the actual receptionist who probably had to fend off some very angry/confused/scared people afterwards.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 15:42, Reply)
Kicking the height adjustment lever of peoples chairs in meetings...
...so that they suddenly disappear under the table.

God, I'm so childish.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 15:39, Reply)
just been reminded
empty-vee said how they like to walk down a section of london bridge with their eyes closed. i recall a time not so long ago when i decided to see how far i could go at 90mph in the right hand lane of the m6 without opening my eyes. and i wonder why people are reluctant to get in my car.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 15:37, Reply)
Friends DVDs.
I apologise.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 15:09, Reply)
Gandalf the Sad
When cycling against blustery winds, I command them to stop in the manner of wizard-like edicts.

It never works ;-(
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 15:01, Reply)
Big Nugget
I feel satisfied and fulfilled when I have been for a massive ring splitting shit...

Its even better if you have to flush more than once to get rid of it...

Its even better than that if the toilet gets so blocked up that it fills up to the rim during the flush...

But even all that doesn't compare to the feeling of elation when my girlfriend walks in with a look of disgust on her face because of the aromatic smell I have produced!
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:55, Reply)
might have posted this before actually...
I used to drive a Scamp.... www.dudley100.freeserve.co.uk/scamp.4.jpg with a side-exhaust and a 1430cc Mini engine... many many horsies. IT smoked like a sod, and poured oil fumes out when it was cold... but it was loud, fun and fast. It had a side-exit exhaust just behind the driver's seat...

A white volvo 850 T5 came howling past me on a huddersfield dual carriage way... we stopped at lights... he revved his engine, I revved mine... and Ogwen (sat nex to me) said... You're not gonna race him are you?

Nope... Lights turn orange and I hit the accellerator as hard as possible... 7500rpm and my lil car screams like a beast. The volvo took off... rubber smoke etc.

I then put my car in gear, and pottered up to teh next set of lights. The guy sat there looking smug...

Ogwen and I sat there laughing at the resultant sooty oil-slick plastered down the side of his pristeen new white volvo.

Pleasure. God yes.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:48, Reply)
overdoing it
I love to drink two bottles of wine and do a bag of sniff in the three hours my missus goes to work at somerfield. Its always a guilty pleasure to have the last line one minute before she comes in. (checking that I haven't got an enormous lump of ching sticking out of my nostril)

See it is quite easy to stick to the question and not randomly talk about things we like
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:42, Reply)
Legend of Zelda
I wander around whistling the tune to legend of Zelda quite a lot. I feel guilty in a ashamedly geeky way, but meh. There're worse things to whistle
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:39, Reply)
I eat gravy granules (bisto)
by the spoonful. My family do not approve, especially when we run out before a roast...
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:32, Reply)
Oh Christ, I just read someone else's post on a similar subject...

But I once was heading into London on the M4... miles and miles of stationary traffic, and I'm on my motorbike doing 90mph in the bus lane! I was grinning and honking my horn... it felt painfully nice.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:28, Reply)
When you see someone walking a pedigree dog
say "nice mutt".

(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:26, Reply)
As another b3tan admits,
Screaming as you pass people in the car, Or in my case, Backfire just as you pass them (Good old carburettors), The result, One heart attack/nuttish dog/screaming child/Chav trying to act hard, screaming like a girl in front of a load of girls that didn't flinch... hand held air horns, My car has 4 of them, So the results can be quite, 'amusing' to say the least
Also Picking my nose while driving, Theres nothing better than a good rummage whilst driving on the motorway, 'Passes the time'.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 14:02, Reply)
hmmm realised this morning...
... that i also walk down a section of London Bridge tube (main line to northern line) for as long as i can with my eyes closed ?????? did 38 steps this morning WOO!
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 13:42, Reply)
Oh God
Looking at womens tits on the tube. Especially if they're smartly dressed.

It's becoming a worrying trend.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 13:40, Reply)
Is it just me or are people just completely ignoring the question and just writin the random things they enjoy doin, whether alone or not
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 13:34, Reply)
re bobbyparadise & slugs
I too used to enjoy the salt on slug thing; however i used to pour the salt in a circle around the slug, thus not killing it, but letting it slowly realise that it either starves to death or melts its arse trying to escape through a deadly salt circle. heh heh heh.

One day i want to be an evil James Bond baddie.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 13:32, Reply)
Fruit Toffos
When my German Shepherd was alive...

I'd soften up a fruit Toffo in my mouth. Then push it onto one of her back teeth.

The phrase "like a dog eating hot chips" springs to mind.

Tess loved Toffos and my mother got really annoyed.

Double Deep Joy.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 13:26, Reply)
Biting my fingernails....
...then using the nail to 'floss' my teeth.

I love sticking my nails through the small gaps in my teeth.

Not so good when they get stuck and it stabs the inside of my mouth.
(, Wed 13 Apr 2005, 13:21, Reply)

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