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This is a question Guilty Pleasures, part 2

It's been a while since we last asked this question and CaptainFellatioNelson's confession that he likes "to fart under the duvet, creep in and see how long I can last only on the fart air contained within" reminded us just how good it was last time.

What are the little things you do for fun when nobody else is around?

(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 11:48)
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Monday to Friday
I always make sure that I take my daily shit at work.

This way, not only do I save money on loo paper at home, but I'm being paid to shit.

Makes me giggle to myself whilst I'm sitting there.
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 12:09, 8 replies)
Yup, me too
Indeed, I often take one just after swimming. That way I can make sure my arse is really clean by having a shower afterwards!
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 12:11, closed)
More rewarding
I also shite on company time where possible, I use the Mr Ceri Poo Timer - just enter in your wage details, click a button and then have a poo, come pack, clicky clicky, you now know how much you have bee paid (less tax) for taking a dump.

My best? £7.56
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 12:11, closed)
I was going to do this earlier
But some beast has left a log the size of a python in the only sit-down-crapper.

Not happy.
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 12:14, closed)
Nothing better than getting paid double time for shitting.

Used to work nights and would retire to the cubicles for a quick power nap using the bog roll as a makeshift pillow.
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 12:34, closed)
Money saving
I seem to recall a previous question (here or somewhere else) about how you save money and this ^^^ is the answer I gave!

For best pleasure I sit there and work out how much I've earnt whilst on the throne!
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 13:28, closed)
Even better bargains
Seeing "Cyril Cyril Secret Squirrel"'s post above reminds me of a previous job I had. At the time my mode of transport was a camper van. So I'd arrive at work as early as possible (doors auto unlocked at 7am) and get myself "on the clock" then I'd retire to my camper for another 2 hours sleep!

Plus I made sure I used the company showers before I left each day!
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 13:31, closed)
I try and explain this to everyone. Being paid to shit, the best feeling in the world...
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 15:24, closed)
I changed jobs 5 weeks ago. They hired an on-site masseuse, who started today. So, immediately after doing what you are discussing above, and earning about $2.10 (I was in a hurry), I just got paid $10.50 to get a backrub. Of course, I also had to pay the masseuse $25...so really I guess I just got a $25 backrub for $14.50.
(, Thu 13 Mar 2008, 16:22, closed)

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