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This is a question Bizarre habits

Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic tells us: "Until I pointed it out, my other half use to hang out the washing making sure that both pegs were the same colour. Now she goes out of her way to make sure they never match." Tell us about bizarre rituals, habits and OCD-like behaviour.

(, Thu 1 Jul 2010, 12:33)
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I'm sure this is not unusual
But I like to separate the foods on my plate and eat them one at a time, in order of least liked to most liked. The yummiest foods are saved until last.

Also, my bearded dragon has a wierd habit. He won't eat any non-live food (pepper, cucumber, rocket, carrots etc) unless it's on a green plate. This could be any green plate at all, but if it's not on a green background he doesn't notice its existence...
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 12:19, 6 replies)

I eat my foods seperately as well, also leaving the best till last...

Annoys my parents greatly! then again if I ate all the good stuff first there would be nothing to look forward to :(
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 12:24, closed)

Same here - quite common apparently - Winston Churchill did it too.
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 12:31, closed)
Why take all the fun out of it?! :)
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 12:44, closed)
try eating in alphabetical order
it's interesting
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 13:13, closed)
I do this too
Not so much as separate them but I definitely eat the crappy tasting food first and save the best for last...could make a saying out of that.
(, Fri 2 Jul 2010, 21:28, closed)

For a couple of lines there I thought 'bearded dragon' was an euphemism like draining the lizard, or is it?
(, Mon 5 Jul 2010, 21:42, closed)

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