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This is a question Heckles II

It was my privilege the other month to see a particularly foul and abusive heckler literally chased out of a comedy club by enraged punters. So: Comedy nights, staff meetings, football matches. Tell us of epic or rubbish heckles.

(, Thu 12 Jun 2014, 14:36)
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At a Rangers match a few years ago. The Rangers fans started singing "There's only 2 Andy Gorams". It had been in the newspaper that morning that he had been diagnosed as a schizophrenic.
(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 12:38, 4 replies)
Because as everyone knows, schizophrenia is all about having multiple personalities.
(Jokes which rely on the audience being completely fucking ignorant probably aren't good jokes)
(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 12:44, closed)
I think you meant to tag your 'funny' alter in, there...

(, Sat 14 Jun 2014, 0:25, closed)
schizophrenia is not multiple personality disorder
those rangers fans must be proper thick
(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 12:45, closed)
Take that, patient confidentiality!

(, Fri 13 Jun 2014, 12:45, closed)

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