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This is a question Helicopter Parents

Back when young ScaryDuck worked in the Dole office rather than simply queuing in it, he had to deal with a claimant brought in by his mum. She did all the talking. He was 40 years old.

Have you had to deal with over-protective parents? Get your Dad to tell us all about it.

(, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 15:13)
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Fathers day
in Australia this year. I went into school with my 5 year old boy for an activity day, as i am sure many other dads did. we were to bring in cardboard boxes, toilet rolls etc and have a fun couple of hours building stuff.

I turn up with my boy and some materials. We head into class. Where already there is a pre assembled robot suit, a castle, a space ship, some other equally impressive bits and bobs, and, the crown jewel, a full on cardboard car, big enough for two, with wheels and everything.

The children all sat round as proud dads added the finishing touches to there pre built, pre painted masterpieces. Really, some were allowed to draw on paper, so they could attach the pictures after dad left.

My Son and I were the only ones building from scratch. We built a dinosaur, a spider, a scorpion and a robot. I helped with the cutting and the sticking. he did everything else. he told me what he wanted, drew the plans (these were awesome, i wish i had kept them, they didnt look a thing like the finished products) and basically did everything else. he even made me colour in something while he attached buttons to the robot.

First prize went to the car, which was admitedly a masterpiece.
Second? My Boy. For his, and i quote, "obvious talent and enthusiasm in building more than anyone else that day"

I honestly thought it was supposed to be a fun day of activities. i was wrong.

Points have to go to all the dads though for actually turning up. not a single kid in class was on their own. But still...
(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 7:34, 6 replies)
They made the kids go in to school on a Sunday?
That's not very nice...

(or was it a pre-F Day celebration, thus making my comment irrelevant?)
(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 7:52, closed)
The seasons are different down there, remember?
That means Sundays are actually Tuesday teatime.
(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 13:47, closed)
OR vegemite wednesdays
yeah, my bad, pre fathers day, but down here its the first sunday of september or something. The pre fathers day celebration thing worked out all right though , as it was also my birthday. Spending your birthday with your son creating random things from cardboard is probably the second best way to spend it. I had beer later, thus making it perfect.
(, Wed 16 Sep 2009, 5:54, closed)
Good parenting
although you're on b3ta, so I assume you also swap his cartoons for horror films.
(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 15:32, closed)
Kind of...
he loves transformers, proper g1 as well, even he hates the crappy other versions. ALso enjoys south park and family guy. who doesnt!!!

but he does love his zombies. He really enjoyed resident evil, when he saw zombie dogs for the first time, his words? "Dude, sweet..."

He also enjoys walking through the cemetary with me, pointing out the graves with broken headstones, as "that means the zombies have broken out dad, dont let them bite you"

Gotta love my son.
(, Wed 16 Sep 2009, 5:58, closed)
I read the last line as ...
Points have to go to all the dads though for actually turning up. not a single kid in class was their own. But still...

(, Tue 15 Sep 2009, 15:35, closed)

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